The deadline for abstract submissions expired on 22 September 2017. The lecture programme will be available in January 2018.

The ACHEMA PRAXISforums focus on industrial applications, trends, new products and services in chemical engineering, biotechnology and the process industry. Market- and practice-oriented topics are presented in a concise format by experts associated with our exhibitor groups. The ACHEMA PRAXISforums are held in the immediate vicinity of the respective exhibition group. The lecture time is 15 minutes incl. 5 minutes for discussions.

Topics of ACHEMA PRAXISforums:

Advanced Reactor Design

The reactor is the core of every chemical process; modern processes require sophisticated reactor concepts that combine intensified reaction conditions with improved safety precautions and precise reaction monitoring/control. Advanced concepts also include in-situ product removal, flexible production, multiphase reactions and flow chemistry. This topic also covers unique reactor designs for specific applications such as membrane reactors, microreactors as well as electrochemical and photochemical reactors.

Bioprocessing: Speed, Flexibility, Disposables

Newly developed reaction systems (e. g. single-use technologies), continuous processes, modularisation, process and strain development, advanced process analytics and data-mining tools allow to speed up the optimisation of bioprocesses. These innovative systems, tools, and technologies can be applied for the production of fine and bulk chemicals as well as biopharmaceuticals by means of enzymes, prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Logistics

From service provider to system partner with higher-level solutions - the digitization of the logistics chain opens new doors in supply chain management and distribution: Nowadays logistics have to meet certain requirements in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The flow of goods and information must be further optimized and adapted to the needs of the customers. The monitoring and quality assurance of the goods during transport and production are becoming increasingly important. In particular, the advancing automation and digitization play a decisive role in the development of innovative logistics solutions.

Future Production

Two major production concepts of the chemical industry entail continuous-flow and modularized production, which follow the increasing trend to customized specialty and fine chemicals and increasing product varieties. The general goal of these activities is to decrease time to market and to produce with a higher quality and in a less wasteful manner. New technologies open up pathways for novel production concepts, which have not been possible to be pursued before modular plants, self-adaptation and self-surveillance or production on site and demand being only some examples. Future plant concepts also include a smart use of process data coupled with logistics and market information.

Innovative Mixing & Separation Solutions

Mixing and separation technologies have a significant impact on the efficiency and cost of processes in the chemical, biotech, and materials processing industry. New process developments and advanced apparatus solutions provide the basis for a major decrease in operating and capital expenditures.

Lab of the Future

Modern lab equipment today enables researchers to perform literally millions of reactions and analyses in a short time frame. Along with the digital transformation the working environment in chemical or biotechnological labs will transform dramatically. To reach the optimal performance in labs they often need to be structured, equipped, operated, and maintained in different ways. The PRAXISforum covers the latest innovation in products and services around laboratory technologies, from basic lab equipment to automated modular systems and the software and modeling tools needed to convert big data into smart data.

Pharma meets Production

Innovative equipment, technologies, and services have the potential to facilitate and optimise the complex production processes of (bio)pharmaceuticals. The PRAXISforum covers practical and close-to-the-market aspects of the manufacturing processes including reactor systems, product purification and formulation technologies, fill and finish, labeling and logistics, and new facility concepts.

Safety First!

The practical application of safety is the core of this session. Best practices and lessons learned as well as the latest innovative products and services (ready-to-use) for plant and process safety together with occupational safety will be presented and discussed.

Sensor-based Production Control

For an almost fully automated production including scheduling, dispatching and monitoring of all production steps intelligent and smart sensors are key components. New control systems and concepts, as well as new sensors, enable the process industry to achieve optimum performance in all stages of production. The PRAXISforum will cover newest technologies and solutions in the field of sensors (ready-to-use) and its implementations in process industries.

State-of-the-art Fluid Handling

Movement and storage of liquids, gases, liquid-solid suspensions or other multiphase mixtures are key operations in all fields of the process industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, wastewater & water industries. New fluid handling and transfer equipment, pumps and peripheric equipment comprise large fields of key relevance to fluid handling which are subject to continuous large innovations.

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