BiobasedWorld will be a stand-alone event

The bioeconomy is growing and so is BiobasedWorld. The focal topic of ACHEMA 2015 will be continued as a stand-alone event on 15 - 16 February 2017 in Cologne, Germany.


Focal topic BiobasedWorld

Learn about products, technologies, new ideas and strategies of the biobased economy!

Download the Guide to BiobasedWorld (4 MB) which contains everything you want to know about the focal topic.

BiobasedWorld at ACHEMA 2015 was the place where bioeconomy became visible and tangible. In the foyer of hall 4.1 visitors experienced how bioeconomy has already made itself at home in our homes. Strolling along the Via Mobile and running ones fingers through wheat, corn and castor-oil plants the green thread of bioeconomy could be followed. You could see what the elephant grass miscanthus actually looks like and live displays showed what goes into biorefineries. In the Galleria visitors could peek into the Bioeconomy Window of the German resarch ministry and have a look at the state of research and get a glimpse of what could come out of biorefineries in the future.

Just as bioeconomy is present everywhere in your daily life it could be found in every exhibition group at ACHEMA. Green floor tiles helped visitors navigate through the halls and mark those exhibitors who are involved in the bioeconomy. An extensive list of exhibitors is available here.

More than 90 presentations within the extensive congress program were dedicated to BiobasedWorld and highlighted the technical, economic and political aspects.


novel biocatalysts, development and application

Panel discussion "Bioeconomy in the shale-gas-trap?" In German

biorefinery platforms


Presentation of the integrated roadmap "industrial biotechnology". In German

microalgae biorefinery

latest insight on lignocellulosic biorefineries


biorefinery platforms


EU-Bioeconomy and HORIZON 2020 revisited: How far have we come since ACHEMA 2012

microalgae biorefinery


specialty chemicals, pharma intermediates and food ingredients

Have a look at the ACHEMA trend reports

Biobased economy in Europe - a withering seedling?

Bioethanol and biodiesel fuel the bioeconomy

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