GDCh TopThemes

Review ACHEMA 2015

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

“GDCh TopThemes” is an exciting event format of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (German Chemical Society).

This Top Theme is:

Displays, Screens, Flat Screens – LCs, LEDs and OLEDs:
Millions of Lights…

which at the same time is the title of a very popular song in Germany: “Millionen Lichter” by Christina Stürmer. And there are many more modern songs about light, mostly connected with love.

For chemists love, among other things, means creating new materials. They have done so much to find materials and solutions to lighten the darkness. What a benefit for mankind! With increased awareness of environmental safety, sustainable development and savings, chemists have also developed fascinating new possibilities for generating light in displays.

As part of the GDCh TopThemes experts from the industry introduced the past, present and future of screens and displays, and thereby ‘illuminated’ the chemical and technical backgrounds.

The event also featured an entertaining lightshow and accompanying audio presentation.

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