Panel Discussion: Investing in Brazil – Opportunity or Illusion?

Review ACHEMA 2015

Even in professional circles Brazil is often associated solely with renewable resources – the keyword being bioethanol. At the same time reports on Brazil’s enormous oil reserves in the Atlantic state that, due to the oil price slump, it is no longer profitable to tap them.

The fact that Brazil’s chemical industry is the sixth largest in the world is often simply overlooked. Over the past 20 years Brazil’s imports of chemical products have increased tenfold. Does this country still offer attractive investment opportunities or is the Brazilian dream a bubble about to burst?

These issues were discussed by representatives of leading Brazilian business institutions and companies in the framework of ACHEMA 2015:

  • Felipe Pereira, BNDES, Rio de Janeiro
  • Gabriel Gomes, BNDES, Rio de Janeiro
  • Gisela Puschmann, Puschmann, Frankfurt
  • Mariana R. Doria, ABIQUIM, São Paulo
  • Paulo Coutinho, BRASKEM, São Paulo
  • Willi Meier, DECHEMA, Frankfurt


  • Fernando Figueiredo, ABIQUIM, São Paulo

The panel discussion was held in English.


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