Trend reports

In the run-up to ACHEMA 2015, trend reports on a range of focal topics, trends and market developments will be published. They may be used without restrictions for editorial coverage of ACHEMA, mentioning "ACHEMA Trend Report" as the source. They may not be used commercially.

1Formulation developmentEfficient structures - rapid development: Automated formulation development saves time and reduces costpdfdoconline
2Lab automationIT in Lab Automation: Bright prospects in the labpdfdoconline
3Plant EngineeringTechnology vs. Execution Expertise Industrial plant manufacturer positioning in global marketplace
pdfdoc online
4 Bio-based economyBioethanol and Biodiesel fuel the Bioeconomypdfdoconline
5After Sales ServicesUnderappreciated Competitive Factor: After sales services for pumps, valves and controlspdfdoconline
6Biobased EconomyBiobased economy in Europe: a withering seedling?pdfdoconline
7Bulk Solids TechnologyThe Character is Key - Challenges for Bulk Solids Technologypdfdoconline
8Industial Water ManagementIndustry reduces its thirst for waterpdfdoconline
9Modelling and SimulationComputer models reduce need for real-world testingpdfdoconline
10Bidirectional communication for pumps, compressors, valves and controlsFluid Flow Maschinery 4.0: a two way conversationpdfdoconline
11Primary PackagingEnhanced safety features for sensitive drugspdfdoconline
12Modern Process DevelopmentNew challenges demand new processespdfdoconline
13Single use technology

Single-Use (Disposable) Systems in Biopharmaceutical Processing: Quo Vadis?

14Anti-Counterfeiting for Pharmaceutical PackagingAgainst enemy infiltration in pharma packagespdfdoconline
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