The role of Biorefineries in the circular bioeconomy

Biorefining is the key to replacing some of our remaining fossil reserves with biobased raw materials in a sustainable way. In the past years, many actions were taken to develop new sustainable biobased routes to convert biomass into chemicals, materials, fibre, feed, food, and bioenergy. However, biomass is a local to regional resource. This is especially true for organic waste streams and residual fractions from, i.e. the food industry, which are not easy to store and less worth transporting. Therefore, the raw material supply, the derived value chains and the stakeholders involved differ significantly between rural and urban regions making newly integrated and tailor-made solutions necessary to ensure that a circular bioeconomy becomes real.


  • Biobased innovations
  • Development of standards
  • Sustainable biobased value chains
  • urban and rural bioeconomies
  • Organic waste and residues utilisation