Workshop on Industrial Symbiosis - Corporate success through effective resource management

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018
10:30 - 16:45 h
Halle 9.1 - Raum Logos/Genius

In Europe's process industry, the costs of raw materials and energy account for an average of 40% of total production costs - and they are rising twice as fast as personnel costs. Resource and energy efficiency are therefore key competencies for maintaining the competitiveness of European companies in the global market.
The EU-wide innovation network SPIRE has set itself the goal of substantially increasing resource and energy efficiency in the European process industry. New processes and technologies are developed and tested in numerous projects. One of these is the development of SHAREBOX, a web-based platform for the exchange of secondary raw materials and material and energy overhangs.
The international project consortium, consisting of software developers, research institutes, consulting companies and industry representatives, has broken new ground: Extensive databases are used to classify recyclable materials, and artificial intelligence processes support the matching of suitable partners and the negotiation process between them. The savings potential for the European Union through the use of SHAREBOX in the process industry is estimated to be at least 15 billion euros per year.
The workshop will show how Industrial Symbiosis can help companies to increase their resource efficiency without great effort for research and cross-checking. Furthermore the workshop will give a good overview on the results of four EU-funded projects working in the field of industrial symbiosis.


10:30Welcome notes
10:40Industrial Symbiosis – An Overview
11:10SHAREBOX – How SHAREBOX can help you to be more resource efficient
11:30Discussion, individual advice in bilateral talks
13:30Industrial Symbiosis – An Overview
14:00SHAREBOX – How SHAREBOX can help you to be more resource efficient
14:30NEPIC – Industrial Symbiosis in the UK – a success story
15:15EPOS: development of a management toolbox and replicable business cases to enhance cross-sectorial industrial symbiosis
15:30MAESTRI – Development of a flexible and scalable platform for managing resource efficiency improvement processes
15:45FISSAC - Facilitating information exchange across the extended construction value chain
16:00Panel discussion with all presenters
16:45End of workshop

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