Meet your Friends

Despite the weather – relaxed atmosphere on the evening of the first ACHEMA day

Monday, 11 June 2018
Outdoor Area Agora / Forum

Exhibitors, journalists and ACHEMA visitors gathered at the Agora and in front of the Forum despite the starting rain and let the day end in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, colleagues or business partners.

Many thanks to all participants and the superb service team! It was a lovely evening.

Social gathering at the Meet your friends
Picture: Jose Poblete
Doctor Blond

Doctor Blond
THE party band in the Rhein-Main area has rocked several events – and for ACHEMA they were specially challenged.

Even the heaviest rain did not take their enthusiasm. A varying repertoire of pop, soul, Latin, rock and jazz contributed to the entertainment of the numerous guests. A big thanks to the band!

Daily routine, hectic rush and fair stress were suddenly gone…

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