Transforming Chemistry for a Sustainable World: Global Innovation Showcases

Tuesday 12 June 2018, 3.45 pm
Discussion Corner Hall 9.2

The International Sustainable Chemistry Centre (ISC3) and its partner Think Beyond Plastic™ will present five start-ups and institutions that embrace the examples of Sustainable Chemistry Innovation for the new plastics economy: Altais Nova (Spain), EVOWARE (Indonesia), Fraunhofer ISC (Germany), Grow Bioplastics (USA) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (Finland).

The one-hour innovation show “Transforming Chemistry for a Sustainable World: Global Innovation Showcases” will take place right after the ACHEMA Start-up Forum. The session’s detailed agenda will be published soon hereinunder.

Background information

Chemistry is facing the biggest challenge in its history: To meet the needs of a growing population in a world of scarce resources and growing environmental problems, chemistry has to reinvent itself to become a key solution provider for a sustainable future. The emerging concept of Sustainable Chemistry offers a new system thinking based approach to transform the more than 150-year-old chemical industry.

To promote Sustainable Chemistry innovation worldwide, the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre was established as a new globally acting institution that connects experts from industry and science with stakeholders from civil society and the public sector. It aims at enabling innovation on all levels of chemical production and use, taking into account that Sustainable Chemistry is a holistic approach that extends far beyond the application of ecological principles in chemical production.  Acting as an innovation and dialogue platform, a think tank and an education hub, the ISC3 supports the global breakthrough of Sustainable Chemistry.

Think Beyond Plastic™ is a US-based innovation accelerator that advances commercialization of research and innovation for circular materials, circular design, green chemistry and innovative packaging design. Think Beyond Plastic™ has been advancing a global, multi-disciplinary effort to accelerate the pace of innovation and to support commercialization of bio-benign materials, associated manufacturing and innovative packaging design utilizing these new materials.

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