Winners of the ACHEMA Start-Up Award 2015

Energy - Winner

Volterion manufactures and sells small-format Vanadium-Redox-Flow-Batteries (2 kW-10 kWh) for de-centralized storage of renewable energies (solar) in private homes.


Hydrogenious Technologies develops key components for safe and efficient storage of renewable energy.

A practical realization of a polystyrene based high-performance insulation is achieved by the innovative SUMTEQ®-Technology. Saving energy, these materials will significantly contribute to a sustainable conservation of valuable resources.



Industrial Biotechnology - Winner

4GENE develops and produces natural, biotechnologically engineered, activatable Aroma-Glycosides. The products are marketed as FLAVOR-ON-DEMAND to flavor and fragrance customers worldwide.



Bionicure develops the first activatable drug formulation on today’s market, empowering the patient to release a drug from an SC/IM injected depot through ingestion of a trigger tablet at home.

GLYCONIC is developing novel active cosmetic ingredients based on polyphenols especially in the field of anti-aging. Furthermore, the industrial bioprocesses are developed for these products.


Measurement and analytical technique - Winner

Ionera Technologies GmbH develops, produces and distributes a chip based platform technology (MECA-Technology) for chemical and biological analytics with nanopores.


The spin-off company of the Hamburg University of Technology, the bentekk GmbH, develops a fast, portable gas detector (GC-PID) for the on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

We support and speed up Protein Biomarker Research and Discovery Programmes for Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostic applications. With our unique platforms costs and attrition rates are reduced.

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