14 - 18 June 2021, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

4. Your order

For your orders placed with DECHEMA you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

“View my account” gives you an overview of all the articles ordered with DECHEMA together with the order date(s). Articles ordered from a service provider will not be listed here.

If you have to change an order:

  1. Articles in the shopping basket can be removed or changed here at any time.
  2. Articles that have already been ordered, but are still being processed at DECHEMA, can be removed under “View my account”.
  3. Items that have already been processed by DECHEMA can be cancelled under “View my account” by e-mail to technicalservices[at]dechema.de. Please note that an order can only be cancelled free of charge by May 15, 2018. The same applies analogously to changes to orders.