FAQ for Exhibitors

We have compiled the most important questions and answers to your participation as exhibitor at our digital live event. We are happy to assist you with any further questions. Contact us!


How can I participate in ACHEMA Pulse as an exhibitor?

Please contact us via our non-binding pre-registration form. If you are already a registered exhibitor of ACHEMA 2022 you do not need to pre-register again.

What benefits does ACHEMA Pulse offer me as an exhibitor?

ACHEMA Pulse is the digital flagship event for the global ACHEMA community. Make contacts and expand your business network, present your latest products and exchange ideas on innovations and visionary solutions.

Can you give some details of how I might imagine the digital event?

ACHEMA Pulse is based on two main components: presentations of products and companies, and a programme of high-level presentations. As an exhibitor, you can present your company and its achievements on an individual company profile page which will serve as the first point of contact for any potential customer – you might think of it as a combined calling card and substitute exhibition booth. You can associate your profile with a certain number of employees enabling them to make contact with potential customers or partners using a variety of communication tools. As event participants also your staff members can attend presentations on the virtual platform and view other participants' and companies' profiles. In order to find interesting contacts they'll have support from an integrated matchmaking tool that will offer suggestions based on common interests.

If I exhibit at ACHEMA Pulse, do I need to get someone to design a virtual booth?

No. As an exhibitor at ACHEMA Pulse, you can present your company on a custom company profile page that you can fill with your own content in advance of the event (e.g. text, images, further media).

As an exhibitor, can I see who visited my lecture / live presentation?

Yes. As follow-up you will receive a lead list of the participants that visited your lecture or live presentation.

What is included in the Social Media Kit and when is it available?

The Social Media Kit includes graphical elements in formats that are optimized for social channels as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is available with the opening of the ACHEMA Pulse Shop.

What is included in the E-Mail Marketing Kit and when is it available?

The E-Mail Marketing Kit includes text templates and banners for your invitation management, e.g. for the dispatch of the ticket codes and Premium+ ticket codes. It is available with the opening of the ACHEMA Pulse Shop.

Can participants interact directly "on behalf of the company" (chat/video call)?

No - interactions take place between "real" people on the event platform. Your staff members are listed as an employee in your company profile so that the participant can contact them personally.

Can I also register as an exhibitor shortly before the event?

It is correct that you can register as an exhibitor until shortly before the event. However, you will then of course only be able to draw limited attention to your participation in advance and will also not be visible to visitors on our website in advance. Therefore, it might be advisable not to wait too long before registering in order to take advantage of the maximum advertising effect.

Will the platform remain online after the event is over?

The platform will be accessible and available to all participants until 30 June 2021. During this time, you will still be able to view exhibitor and participant profiles and contact users via the chat tool.

Digital Platform

How many staff members can I entitle and invite to edit our company profile?

As many as you need. Just enter the E-Mail addresses of your staff members (e.g. in your marketing department) into the field "Partner editor contacts" within the form for editing your company profile.

What does "Onboarding" mean?

The onboarding process enables all exhibitors and participants to set up their personal user profile so as to get the greatest possible advantage from the matchmaking tool. The matchmaking tool will support all participants - and as such also your employees - during the event by suggesting the most interesting contacts for them from among the full list of users.

Which technical conditions do I need to meet for the best possible participation at ACHEMA Pulse - which browser should I use?

If possible, use the latest version of Google Chrome as your browser, or alternatively the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If you use Internet Explorer, you will have to expect significant display limitations.

Can live workshops be watched on-demand after the actual date?

No, live workshops are not recorded due to the General Data Protection Regulation. Live streamings with an unlimited number of participants as talks, panels or pitches are recorded and available on-demand the following morning.

Is special software needed for video calls, e.g. Zoom etc, or will this be possible through the digital platform?

1:1 video meetings can be held through the integrated tool Jitsi. Participants can of course also exchange other video call links via chat and can enter a video call outside of the platform.

How long is it possible to book services (register, packages, upgrades)?

The ACHEMA Pulse Shop closes on 10 June 2021.

What is a "pitch/case"? What will be streamed in this format?

A format limited to 15 min. in which an innovation or user-related products are presented.

What platform is being used for this event?

For the technical implementation of the virtual event we use the provider talque:

Do participants need to download software to watch a video?

No, participants do not need to download any software to use the platform, however the use of the newest browser version of Google Chrome is highly recommended. Alternatively, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge can be used. Within company specific networks a specific firewall configuration may be advisable which can be found here:

Can the platform be used in the browser version or does an app have to be used?

The platform can be used in the browser version (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge). Recommendation: You can also use the app.

Is the platform open 24/7?


Is the platform integrated with "Google search", i.e. would a customer, for example, be able to access the exhibitor's company profile directly via Google search?

No, the event is a closed space.

Are only the lectures in the exhibitor forum listed under Now Live or also the sessions of the conference?

All lectures that are currently running will be displayed, of course this depends on your ticket category.

Can I access my chats after the event?

Yes, the chat messages will remain in your ACHEMA Pulse profile even after the event.

Can I look at the agenda points afterwards?

All agenda items that are streamed live (talks/panels, pitches/cases etc.) will be available again the next morning. Workshops will not be recorded.

Which video call tool is integrated into the platform?

For 1:1 video calls, group meetings and workshops, Jitsi is used. For workshops, you can also use a tool of your choice on request (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Skype etc.).

Can the speakers set their own background or is it uniform in the Live stream?

The background in this case is the stream frame, which is defined by us (or designed by the ACHEMA Marketing Team). However, you can choose your own virtual background in Zoom.

Does the exhibitor have to sit in front of the screen for 2 days, similar to a Zoom meeting?

It is not like a Zoom meeting. The exhibitor does not have to be available all the time. He can call up chat messages at any time when he logs into the platform. Of course, it makes sense to take the time during the two days of the event to actively contact participants via the platform and get to know possible new contacts.


What loss rates do you expect (registered but did not show up)?

On the exhibitor side, we do not expect any registered companies to withdraw from the event at short notice, while we do not yet have any reliable comparative figures for participants due to the premiere situation.

Is there a separate category for journalists?

Yes, this can be selected during onboarding.

Do participants need to download software to watch a video?

No, participants do not need to download any software to use the platform, however the use of the newest browser version of Google Chrome is highly recommended. Alternatively, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge can be used. Within company specific networks a specific firewall configuration may be advisable which can be found here:

Are all persons that were onboarded shown in the participant area?

Yes, all participants of the event are shown in the participant area - visitors, employees of the exhibitors, partners, speakers, journalists etc.

Are lecturers at the conference only visible as speakers or also as employees of my company?

If the speakers are listed as employees in your company profile they are also visible as employees of your company.

Can I choose which participants take part in my sessions (e.g. workshops)?

No, basically every participant can register for your session (first-come first-served principle). However, you can specifically invite your interested parties by sending them the URL of the event in advance. Thus, you can indirectly control the list of participants.

Does ACHEMA Pulse take place in CET?

Yes, ACHEMA Pulse takes place in CET.

Are the time zones automatically adjusted?

Yes, the time zones are adjusted to your own time zone.

Exhibitors and Products

When can I enter our company profile? Can every co-worker update it?

You will receive an E-Mail with a link to enter your company profile in advance of the event. This E-Mail will be sent to the contact person (admin) stated on the application form. The admin can enter further E-Mail addresses to be invited for editing or simply share the link with further co-workers.

Can I view my company profile before visitors enter the event?

Yes, you as an exhibitor will be admitted to the platform from mid May 2021 to review your company profile in context of the event platform and adjust it if necessary.

Lead Tracking

What opportunities do I get as an exhibitor to follow up on contacts? Is there a lead list?

Yes, you will receive a lead list of all your generated contacts after the event (file with GDPR compliant leads). Only staff members who are linked to the exhibitor profile can access the lead lists via the exhibitor profiles. Depending on the package booked, you are entitled to the standard or extended lead list:
Standard lead list: Lead list of all your generated contacts after the event (file with DSGVO compliant leads). Employees linked to the company profile can receive a lead list of all personal contacts they had contact with during the event. A lead is only generated if the contact was both sided via chat or video call appointments.
Extended lead list: The participant has the option of clicking on a "get more information" button on the exhibitor profile. The participant's contact details will be made available to the exhibitor's contact person.
= Possibility for the participant to be contacted by the exhibitor after the fair.

What data exactly is transmitted by lead tracking?

The lead list contains the following data: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Company Name, Job title, Origin, Country.

When will I get access to the lead lists?

The lead lists will be available for download with a 24-48 hour delay.