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Nachhaltige Wertschöpfung in der Chemie

Ein Tandemvortrag auf der ACHEMA veranschaulichte die produktive Zusammenarbeit von Wissenschaft und Industrie bei der Erforschung nachhaltiger...

Digitalisierung erfordert neue Denkweisen

Müssen Unternehmen angesichts der Digitalisierung ihre Geschäftsmodelle ändern? Experten aus Industrie und Wissenschaft diskutierten, vor welchen...

Europa ohne Plastik?

Das Thema „Plastikmüll“ ist in aller Munde. Doch ist ein plastikfreies Europa denkbar und sinnvoll? Darüber diskutierte eine Expertenrunde auf der...

Belyntic: "Fishing" for peptices

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist offers purification kits for peptides

Plasmion: Follow your electronic nose

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist upgrades benchtop mass spectrometers

Watttron: Heating on the spot

ACHEMA Start-up Award finalist presents tailored heating systems for thermoforming processes

Do you know BATS?

How to survive in China's digital market

Sulfotools: Peptide synthesis of the future

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist relies on water as a solvent in peptide synthesis

Heidelberg Delivery Technologies: Medication without a needle

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist enables oral administration of peptides

Sustainable Chemistry

Reinventing a 150-year-old industry for the greater good

Dispendix: Droplet by droplet

ACHEMA Start-up Finalist offers dead volume free liquid handling on the nanoliter range

Serendipity strokes discovery: A short portrait of Sir James Fraser Stoddart

The word „serendipity“ is probably not part of the active vocabulary of many non-native English speakers. Some call it "a posh variety of luck", but...

Variolytics: Upgrade for mass spectrometry

ACHEMA Startup-Award Finalist turns bench mass spectrometers into tools for simulatenous real-time measurement

mk2 Biotechnologies: Combination in protein production

ACHEMA Startup Award Finalist synthesizes pure proteins

DEXPI is paving the way to Process Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is bridging the gap between two worlds: The physical world of machines and material flows – and the digital world with bits and bytes....

Timothy Noel: Interdisciplinarity opens new perspectives

You are combining two important trends – microfluidic systems that allow for continuous organic syntheses and energy transfer via light rather than...

„What’s not documented has not been done” [Proverb in chemical and pharma logistics]

Impressions from PRAXISforum chemical and pharma logistics at June 12 2018 at ACHEMA, where experts discuss current hot topics of the industry.

People take center stage, even in a digitalized world

Digitization, Internet of things, industry 4.0 – the buzzwords are everywhere, especially at ACHEMA 2018. Industry doesn’t work without digital...