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People take center stage, even in a digitalized world

Digitization, Internet of things, industry 4.0 – the buzzwords are everywhere, especially at ACHEMA 2018. Industry doesn’t work without digital technologies, but “where are the people in this?” This was the title of the 6th...

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„What’s not documented has not been done” [Proverb in chemical and pharma logistics]

Impressions from PRAXISforum chemical and pharma logistics at June 12 2018 at ACHEMA, where experts discuss current hot topics of the industry.

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Timothy Noel: Interdisciplinarity opens new perspectives

You are combining two important trends – microfluidic systems that allow for continuous organic syntheses and energy transfer via light rather than heat. Where lies the most relevant advantage of your approach compared to...

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DEXPI is paving the way to Process Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is bridging the gap between two worlds: The physical world of machines and material flows – and the digital world with bits and bytes. Building and constantly maintaining a digital representation of the physical...

mk2 Biotechnologies: Combination in protein production

ACHEMA Startup Award Finalist synthesizes pure proteins

Variolytics: Upgrade for mass spectrometry

ACHEMA Startup-Award Finalist turns bench mass spectrometers into tools for simulatenous real-time measurement

Serendipity strokes discovery: A short portrait of Sir James Fraser Stoddart

The word „serendipity“ is probably not part of the active vocabulary of many non-native English speakers. Some call it "a posh variety of luck", but by definition it means “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable...

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Dispendix: Droplet by droplet

ACHEMA Start-up Finalist offers dead volume free liquid handling on the nanoliter range

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Sustainable Chemistry

Reinventing a 150-year-old industry for the greater good

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Heidelberg Delivery Technologies: Medication without a needle

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist enables oral administration of peptides

Sulfotools: Peptide synthesis of the future

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist relies on water as a solvent in peptide synthesis

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Do you know BATS?

How to survive in China's digital market

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Watttron: Heating on the spot

ACHEMA Start-up Award finalist presents tailored heating systems for thermoforming processes

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Plasmion: Follow your electronic nose

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist upgrades benchtop mass spectrometers

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Belyntic: "Fishing" for peptices

ACHEMA Start-up Award Finalist offers purification kits for peptides

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