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Belyntic: "Fishing" for peptices

Belyntic is a chemical company founded in Berlin in 2018. Its aim: to improve peptice purification fundamentally with its innovative technology. Although these small proteines hold tremendous potential for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics the necessary purification of the raw peptides has been a major hurdle in the chemical production process until now. 

"Catch and Release"

Belyntic's innovation, the „Peptide Easy Clean“- or short PEC technology - is based on a principle known in fishing terminology:"catch and release". A splitable chemical linker molecule is brought onto the desired peptide at the end of the production process. The peptide with the linker is then anchored to a filter material ("catch") so that impurities from the synthesis process that are not bound to the material can be washed out. The splitting step ("release") of the linker molecule without any residue results in the pure target molecule.

Purification kits for research and development

Belyntic's peptide purification kits enable anybody to apply this innovative method for peptide purification. Firstly, Belyntic offers ready-to-use research kits and developer kits for larger volumes. The latter consist of the linker molekule and filter material, the core components of the technology, and allows the customer to adjust the peptide purification step in terms of numbers and volume to their needs.  The research kits contain packed purification containers as well as all relevant chemical components to immediatly perform peptide purification. 

Due to its unique parallelizability and the chemical selectivity the Belyntic method which has been submitted for patent allows for significant increases in efficiency and new perspectives in peptide production. Thanks to the considerable saving of organic solvents the process is at the same time significantly more sustainable than purification by HPLC which has so far been the method of choice. Belyntic markets its innovation as yet in purification kits for customers from academia and pharmaceutical research.

Belyntic is a spin-off of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin and is located at the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) in Berlin-Adlershof. Thus, the company brings together an academic network, high quality standards and entrepreneurial agility.