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Plasmion: Follow your electronic nose

Plasmion GmbH is a start-up founded in July 2016 that has developed and patented a new ion source technology for mass spetrometry. The so-called SICRIT technology not only revolutionizes chemical analytics in the lab according to the motto "Simple. Smart. Sensitive", but is expected to also provide the full perfomance of an analytical lab in an automated measurement system for industrial use.

Separation of sample preparation and measurement

Based on scientific research at ETH Zurich Plasmion has developed the SICRIT® (Soft Ionization by Chemical Reaction in Transfer) technology and brought it to market readiness. The patented "electronic nose" technology fundamentally simplifies sample feed for one of the most modern and most used lab analytical methods, mass spectrometry.

The distinctive feature of the SICRIT® technology is the decoupling of sample preparation and sample measurement, enabling highly sensitive realtime measurements with low operating costs. Until now, the analysis required a complex preparation of the samples before they could be fed into the analyzer. Thanks to the SICRIT® ionization technology and its special design it is now possible for the first time to analyze solid, liquid or gaseous samples without preparation and in realtime for traces of impurities such as pestizides or explosives. The ion sources acts at the same time as an interface for the flexible combination of equipment for sample preparation/separation with a mass spectrometer.

Consequently, analysis time and costs can be lowered significantly and new analytic routines can be implemtented. The technology can be used in medical diagnotcis as well as environmental analysis and emission analysis.

Upgrading of benchtop mass spetrometers

Based on first developments at ETH Zurich and subsequent development funded by an EXIST Founder's Stipend 2016/17 the products are currently available as upgrades for lab mass spetrometers of several well-known suppliers. Currently Plasmion GmbH sells add-on products that upgrade lab mass spectrometers to "electronic noses". A proprietary measurement technology solution is under development that aims to establish SICRIT® mass spectrometry as a highly sensitive and robust industrial sensor for automated online process and quality control in the context of industry 4.0.

Plasmion GmbH is located at the Umwelttechnologiezentrum in Augsburg, its products are sold in the ASG region by Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG.