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Watttron: Heating on the spot

watttron develops and produces innovative heating systems for applications that require spot-on heating with exact temperature and timing. Depending on the application process quality cannot only be increased but at the same time ressource efficiency, speed, flexibility and control are improved.

The intelligent hight-tech heating systems have been proven to reduce material and energy consumption. Their application enables a more flexible and efficient production. Thermoforming and other industrial processes are thus revolutionized by this new heating technology.

Heating pixels for more precision

The matix heating system cera2heat® allows for  heterogeneous, exactly defined contact heating of surfaces. It is based on a large number of regularly spaced small heating pixels. The temperature of each pixel can be individually programmed and reulated. Similar to a TFT screen, the exact regulation of the heating pixels can be visualized as a heat picture. The targeted heterogeneous heating results in an optimized forming behaviour and optimized material spread.

The heating system cera2seal® is customized for sealing and  welding processes. Individual heating circles can be freely placed so that for the first time, complex packaging  geometries can be implemented. For extraordinary and highly sophisticated applications,individual tailor-made heating systems can be developed based on the heating technology.

Multiple applications

The patented heating technology is applicable in all ares that require an exactly defines and controlled temperature profile. Besides the packaging industry and plastics processing, this includes applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, food processing, tool engineering, automotive, 3D electronics and microelectronics.

watttron GmbH is a spin-off of the Institut für Naturstofftechnik of the Technische Universität Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institut für Verarbeitungsmaschinen und Verpackungstechnik Dresden. The company is is located in Freital close to the capital of Saxony, Dresden.