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Dispendix: Droplet by droplet

Dispendix has been founded in order to commercialize the award winning contact-free liquid handling technology. The first product for fast transfer of liquids with improved precision is called I-DOT ("Immediate Drop on Demand Technology"). I-DOT allows a very exact liquid transfer on the nano and microliter range almost without dead volume at reduced investment and operationg cost. I-DOT can increase productivity dramatically and manages complex liquid handling tasks without problemlos, e.g. for DNA assembly in synthetic biology. I-DOT is an ideal solution for applications in genomics, API and clinical research. Future developments will target cell line development or precise volume measurement.

Handling minuscule liquid volumes

For biologic experiments or in the development of pharmaceuticals, the liquid volume often should not surpas the nano or microliter range. Dosage of the liquids has to be highly precise and very fast for time and cost reasons. Most commom disperging technologies only partly meet the requirements for the handling of smallest volumes. Dispendix GmbH solves this problem with the"Immediate Drop on Demand Technology", short I-DOT. The novel method has been developed at the  Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA and allows for contact-free dosage of liquids. The Technology is based on a pressure impuls that is applied to a liquid column and sets free droplets of about 2 nl. The droplets are dispendsed from a 96 dosing plate in SBS format on any target subtrate. With an 8fold parallel dispensing head, each individual nozzle dispenses 2 nl droplets at up to 400 Hz, enabling enormous throughput at a volume range of 2 nl to 80  µl.

Application for cell-based assays

The I-DOT system is used for the preparation of cell-based assays. Living cells are treated with active ingredients at various concentrations in order to prove the effectiveness of a substande. Sample preparation in diagnostic sequencing can be performed very efficiently. Other applications include dilution series of various substances, a very important task in pharmaceutical research.