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„What’s not documented has not been done” [Proverb in chemical and pharma logistics]

What has been true for good manufacturing practice (GMP) for quite some time is now standard for good distribution practice (GDP) as well. GDP requires drugs to be transported at the same temperature as they are stored. Holger Stauss, Pharmaserv GmbH, Marburg, Germany knows how to rig a truck for these requirements. Just putting a fridge on wheels on the street isn’t quite enough. Several Sensors monitor the temperature constantly and of course they have to be calibrated. Furthermore it needs to be ensured that temperature is evenly distributed within the truck; elaborate air distribution systems are used for that. Most of the time the vehicle manufacturer takes care of things like these. But if the theoretical planning works in real life, too is examined either in climatic chambers or on test rides under real-life conditions.
Such an effort isn’t undertaken for every single vehicle, but once for the vehicle type as a type qualification. Of course every single step needs to be documented diligently, especially if the vehicle is modified subsequently. As always in the pharma industry the maxim is “what’s not documented has not been done”.

Stephan Limberg, itelligence AG presented new business models which are only made possible by digitization. If he goes buying running shoes today he has to choose a model and the only variable left is the size. At a future shopping trip, you will leave a digital footprint in the store that does not only contain information about your size, but also your weight, pronation tendencies and many more parameters. These are used to compute a mix of polymers that suits your body best and an individual sole is made. This vision isn’t far from becoming a reality. There are already concrete agreements between a notable producer of runnings shoes and a polymer provider.