ACHEMA Congress
Highlight Session

Fossil free production

Tuesday, 23 August 2022
1.30 - 2.30 pm
Hall 4.0 Europa

Gas shortage! Energy crisis! Hardly a day goes by without such headlines. In view of current developments, the transformation of the process industry has gained enormous momentum. Doing away with fossil fuels and raw materials is one of the most important goals and a crucial milestone on the road to more sustainability. But achieving this goal is easier said than done. What are the challenges to be overcome? What role play low-emission energy sources, the sustainability of raw materials and circular economies, such as "circular carbon"? Where will the resources and raw materials of the future come from? And what is already available today? Ask your questions at the ACHEMA Highlight Session and join the discussion!

Keynote presentations

BASF’s road to Net Zero

Marco Bosch, Head of Carbon Management Technologies, BASF SE

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How the Energy Transition will enable a Circular Chemical Industry - Navigating through the Bermuda Triangle

Reinier Grimbergen, Principal Consultant, TNO

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Discussion Panel

  • Marco Bosch
    Head of Carbon Management Technologies, BASF
  • Reinier Grimbergen
    Principal Consultant, TNO
  • Ralf Kelle
    Head of Sustainability Strategy, Evonik Operations GmbH
  • You! Join in and ask your questions!

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