ACHEMA Congress
Highlight Session

Novel bioprocesses and technologies

Friday, 26 August 2022
10.30 - 11.30 am
Hall 4.0 Europa

New bioprocesses are hardly conceivable without biocatalysis. Biocatalysis offers a path to greener, more sustainable processes and products. While enzymes used to be too costly for large-volume applications, efficient methods for their development and production have now paved the way for industrial-sale processes. Enzyme engineering has expanded the repertoire even more: In addition to natural and optimized industrial enzymes, today enzymes can be designed to catalyze novel reactions. This is supported by digital technologies such as machine learning. Where research and industry stand today, what the next wave of biocatalysis will look like and what potential limits to enzyme design could be will be discussed at the ACHEMA Highlight Session with visionaries and users.

Keynote presentations

Delivering on the promise of biocatalysis

Stefan Lutz, Senior VP, Research, Codexis Inc.


Advanced Enzyme Engineering Methods to Establish Novel Bioprocesses

Uwe Bornscheuer, Greifswald University

Learn more at the ACHEMA Highlight Webcast


Discussion Panel

  • Uwe Bornscheuer
    Greifswald University
  • Stefan Lutz
    Senior VP, Research, Codexis Inc.
  • Michael Breuer
    White Biotechnology Research - Biocatalysis, BASF SE
  • Martin Schürmann
    Principal Scientist Biocatalysis, InnoSyn B.V
  • You! Join in and ask your questions!

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