An open letter

ACHEMA 2021 in times of Corona

Executive Boards' statement regarding ACHEMA preparations and the impact of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Frankfurt/Main, 16 July 2020


For a short time Corona caused the world economy to pause, and up to today the world is dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the past weeks. Many countries, especially in Asia and Europe, have managed to successfully contain the virus. Gradually, mankind is learning to meet the new challenge and to deal with it appropriately in everyday society.

Medium to long-term, much indicates that this impulse will break up old structures and thinking patterns and will leverage the transformation towards sustainable development. Climate change, the constant growth of the world population overstraining earth’s resources and not least digitalization remain central challenges. The process industry‘s positive contribution and innovations to these challenges cannot be evaluated high enough. This also applies to the supplying industries, for whom ACHEMA has always been a worldwide stage - and now more than ever.

ACHEMA 2021 is right on time!

ACHEMA 2021’s current booking status emphasizes this - almost 85 % of the final exhibitor volume of ACHEMA 2018 has been reached, eleven months before the trade show beginning. Undoubtedly an excellent basis to build on to lead ACHEMA 2021 to success for all attendees. We are especially pleased by the loyalty of our long-time customers who, this is our impression, in unison see ACHEMA 2021 in June as chance and call yet to give our industry the sustainable forward impulse.

One thing is for sure: trade shows can be successfully held also in Corona or Post-Corona mode!

Stringent health and safety measures are the cornerstones for a safe, secure and successful realisation. Hybrid trade show formats - the addition of virtual elements to the real-life trade show happening - enable us to reach customer target groups that cannot be on-site.

What is ACHEMA’s health and safety concept about? In summary: wider hall aisles, an overall looser stand allocation as well as professional crowd management allow for reduced crowd density. A powerful ventilation technology guarantees consistent fresh air supply, exchanging the complete hall air several times an hour. This is supplemented by a consistent and intensified disinfection of contact surfaces and sanitary facilities as well as extensive installations of disinfection stations. Contactless access control, electronic tickets and contactless payment possibilities contribute to the protection of ACHEMA exhibitors and visitors. The personalisation of participant data enables a contact tracing, if necessary.

This package of measures is gradually coordinated with the health authorities and may be adjusted to a change in requirements and new insights. Frankfurt’s spacious and modern fairground together with its’ for the exhibition industry exceptional Operation & Security Center creates the best possible conditions for a safe realisation of international leading trade fairs.

The local regulatory authorities are of the same opinion: the State of Hesse just recently permitted the realisation of trade shows in an adjusted Corona regulation in compliance with the health and safety regulations. First trade shows, e.g. the Frankfurt Book Fair, with whom we are in intensive dialogue, will make the start in autumn. Further trade shows as the ISH and formnext will follow at the Frankfurt location.

Yes, trade shows change under these conditions. And no - the core of what makes ACHEMA unique as a source of inspiration and motor for a successful transformation of our industry, remains untouched. More: with new digital formats other facets are added.

Let us jointly lead this 33rd ACHEMA ahead of us to success. To a success that has all chances to become the milestone of our industry and beyond.

With best regards

Dr. Thomas Scheuring

Chief Executive Officer
DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH

Dr. Björn Mathes

Member of the Executive Board
DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH