The health and safety concept of ACHEMA 2022

In April 2022, the whole industry will gather again at ACHEMA. We have developed a safe exhibition concept for all attendees. Your protection is our top priority! From distance regulations to air circulation - together with Messe Frankfurt and the health authorities – we take a series of measures that seamlessly interlock and enable the core of ACHEMA, personal contact, to be safe and promising.

Get an overview below, and do not hesitate to contact our Corona team with questions or suggestions!

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Health and distance

Observing distance and health rules has become a matter of course for all of us. Even on the exhibition grounds, all attendees ensure that ACHEMA is healthy and prosperous for everyone.

1. Vaccinated, recovered, or tested

For admission to ACHEMA 2022, all attendees need the following proof in addition to a valid ticket:

  • proof of complete vaccination protection against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 following the requirements of the Paul Ehrlich Institute applicable in Germany, or
  • proof of having survived an infection with COVID-19 more than 28 days and less than six months ago or
  • certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result, which must not be older than 24 hours on the day of attendance at the fairgrounds (on-site testing facilities will be available).

Please have the corresponding proof and your ID card or passport together with the valid ticket ready at the entrance control.

2. Keep your distance

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 m from other persons.

3. Mouth-nose protection

  • There will be clear rules on wearing mouth-nose protection at ACHEMA. These will be adapted to the current situation and announced at short notice. Currently, it must be expected that there will be a requirement to wear medical mouth-nose protection (OP, KN95, or FFP2 mask) in all indoor areas.

4. Cough and Sneeze Etiquette

  • Be sure to follow cough and sneeze etiquette and sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm and away from other attendees.

5. Avoid shaking hands

  • Would you please refrain from handshakes and other physical contacts? Yes, handshakes are part of good business customs in numerous cultures, but please refrain from doing so during these times. It's not rude, it's prudent. Also, while at the trade show, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and avoid grabbing your face.

6. Protect others and stay home when ill

  • Do not enter the fairgrounds if you have symptoms of illness (e.g., cough, fever, loss of smell or taste) that could indicate a COVID-19 infection! The same applies if you are under quarantine ordered by the authorities.

7. Ventilation and air exchange rate

  • An above-average air exchange rate (multiple complete exchanges of hall air with fresh air) and ventilation with pure fresh air are guaranteed everywhere and at all times. Furthermore, transmission through ventilation and air conditioning systems can be virtually eliminated due to the filters.

8. Disinfection stations

  • Disinfectant dispensers are located throughout the exhibition grounds, particularly at all entrances to the exhibition grounds and the access to the individual exhibition levels and in the WC washrooms, at the catering outlets, and in the restaurants.

9. Disinfection of contact surfaces

  • ACHEMA has professional hygiene management under medical expert advice. As a result, contact surfaces and sanitary areas, and other frequently used areas are consistently cleaned and disinfected at high frequency.

Exhibiting safely

At each exhibition stand, the conditions are created for a safe personal exchange and promising business initiations, taking into account distance and health rules. Furthermore, we support our exhibitors and advise on adapted stand construction guidelines for stand design and operation and make reasonable offers.

You can access the event-related special regulations for our exhibitors directly here.

All exhibitors must observe the following points:

1. Structural design

  • In the interests of safe trade fair operations, the minimum distance of 1.5 m also applies to exhibition stands. Therefore, we recommend a generous stand design with a low construction level.

2. Business contacts

  • To protect the health of all attendees, the distance of 1.5 m should also be maintained during business meetings, and physical contact and handshaking should be avoided.

3. Disinfection

  • Disinfectant dispensers with suitable hand disinfectants are to be provided at each booth. In addition, contact surfaces are to be cleaned regularly or after each business meeting.

4. Visitors at the booth

  • In the case of personal contacts and meeting areas with tables and chairs, any shortfall in the minimum distance must be compensated by suitable structural measures (e.g., acrylic glass panels). In larger stands, clearly defined entrances and exits and even routing within the stand can help avoid crowding situations.

5. Stand-specific health and safety measures

  • Specific health and safety measures are drawn up for each stand, and a contact person is appointed for health and safety issues.

6. Stand catering

  • Food and beverages offered and distributed may only be consumed at the stand. Self-service is only permitted if the food is packaged.

Organization, hall design and logistics

Online ticketing, relaxed hall layout, optimized visitor flow management, safe catering concepts, and much more: many measures now familiar to us in everyday life also create the framework for a safe and successful ACHEMA during the exhibition days.

1. Ticketing and access control

  • Ticket purchases or voucher redemption will be possible exclusively online. There will be no box offices. When purchasing tickets or redeeming vouchers, the day of the ACHEMA visit must be specified in advance. The ticket is only valid for the selected day. Only day tickets will be sold.
    The entire access control, including scanning by the admission staff, is contactless. In addition, the entrance areas for access and security checks will be significantly enlarged to avoid congestion and maintain distance from other attendees.

2. Loosened up hall layout

  • Widened hall aisles, larger equalized entrance areas, and an overall optimized and loosened up hall layout will create sufficient space everywhere on the more than 230,000 m² of gross exhibition space. In addition, additional circulation and communication areas will further reduce the density of people.

3. Crowd management / attendee guidance

  • Our service and security personnel keep an eye on the flow of attendees on-site and through professional camera-based crowd management and ensure that the density of people is professionally reduced and that distance and health rules are observed. Optimized signage and routing and distance markings also enable attendees to find their way quickly and safely to their appointments and interesting exhibition groups.

4. On-site medical care

  • First-class on-site medical care with the option of direct isolation is available for suspected cases that arise.

5. Contact tracking

  • All attendees register in person when purchasing tickets online, redeeming vouchers, or retrieving their exhibitor badge in advance. In this way, the contact details of all ACHEMA attendees are recorded in compliance with data protection regulations and, if necessary, allow contact tracing by the relevant authorities. We additionally recommend the use of the free Corona warning app.

6. Gastronomy

  • Strict attention is paid to health and safety in the restaurants on the exhibition grounds and at the catering stands. Mouth/nose protection may not be removed until you have taken a seat in the areas designated for consumption. Catering and restaurant staff are required to wear medical mouth/nose protection at all times. Whether and under what conditions stand parties will be feasible at the time of the event cannot be foreseen.

7. Arrival and stay

  • We use our more than one hundred years of trade fair experience as well as our extensive network to enter into dialogue with companies involved in your stay and arrival/departure (e.g., public transport companies, cab association, Hotel Alliance Frankfurt...) together with Messe Frankfurt. In this way, we would like to ensure your safety and health in the best possible way, even outside the exceedingly safe exhibition grounds.

Information on entry and quarantine regulations

Entry of trade fair participants from abroad is generally possible. When entering Germany, a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery must be available. The proof of vaccination and the test can be provided in digital or paper form in German, English, Spanish, Italian or French.

Currently, the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations still stipulates that unvaccinated travelers from high-risk areas must go into quarantine. However, this does not apply to trade fair participants if they enter the country for up to five days and have a negative test result upon entry.

You may prove your trade fair participation as follows:

  • Exhibitors: Confirmation of their participation in the fair issued by the trade fair organizer
  • Visitors: Entry ticket to trade fair and proof of an appointment for a business meeting with at least one exhibitor onsite


Participants from countries requiring a visa who are traveling to Germany to visit or exhibit at ACHEMA still need a business travel visa. A service to issue an invitation letter that you can use to apply for the visa will be available soon on ACHEMA online. 

Please always inform yourself about the current entry and quarantine regulations on the websites of the federal authorities: BMI – civil protection – Coronavirus.