Health and safety concept

In August 2022, the entire process industry will once again gather at ACHEMA. We make your event participation particularly safe for you - with professional and proven health and safety measures for all attendees. Your safety is our top priority! Together with Messe Frankfurt, we are taking a series of measures that are seamlessly coordinated and enable the core of ACHEMA, personal contacts, to take place safely and promisingly, regardless of the further course of the pandemic.

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Due to the current German Infection Protection Act (IfSG), health and safety measures are no longer obligatory for organizers since April 03, 2022. In the sense of a safe participation, we stick to protective measures and recommend all our participants to apply learned health and safety standards for their own protection and that of others. This includes, but is not limited to, recommending the situational wearing of mouth-nose protection in indoor areas. With symptoms of illness that could indicate a COVID-19 infection, please refrain from attending ACHEMA.

Regardless of the omitted legal requirements, we maintain the following safety and hygiene measures:

Air conditioning and ventilation

An above-average air exchange rate (several complete exchanges of hall air per hour) as well as ventilation with the greatest possible proportion of fresh air is guaranteed throughout the venue.

Disinfection and cleaning

Disinfectant dispensers are located throughout the exhibition grounds, especially at all entrances to the exhibition center and the entrances to the individual exhibition levels, as well as in the WC washrooms, at the catering outlets and in the restaurants. Contact areas and sanitary rooms as well as other frequently used areas are consistently cleaned and disinfected.

Crowd management / participant guidance

Our service and security personnel keep an eye on the flow of attendees via a camera-based crowd management system and, if necessary, ensure that the density of people is professionally reduced. Optimized signage and routing also enable participants to find their way quickly and safely to their appointments and exhibition groups.

On-site medical care

First-class on-site medical care is available at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds during ACHEMA.

Support for our exhibitors in COVID-19 issues

Currently, there are no COVID-19-related special regulations for exhibitors in place. Nevertheless, we support our exhibitors in questions of stand design and operation regarding health and safety and will also advise on any adapted stand construction guidelines for stand design and operation in the future.

We recommend you:

  • Avoid crowded situations if possible or wear a mouth-nose protection in indoor areas as the situation requires.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm and away from other attendees.
  • Avoid shaking hands and also, while at the trade show, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Purchase your ticket or redeem your voucher online in advance to avoid lines and crowds in the ticket booth areas.
  • With a precautionary and regular self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you minimize the risk for yourself and others.
  • The same applies to a coronavirus vaccination, which minimizes the risk of a severe course of the disease and the risk of infection for yourself and others.

You are an international ACHEMA participant and have questions about entry to Germany? Please note, that entry to Germany for ACHEMA participation is possible from all countries. For more information on entry and visas, please visit our Travel Information page and our FAQs.

Last update: 7 April 2022