The KEEN Hackathon

Who should participate?

KEEN’s challenge is especially interesting for data scientists, machine learners, process engineers, process technicians and programming-savvy STEM students. A team of 3-5 persons is recommended. If you are currently only able to register as an individual, please contact us.          

Topical focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the process industry: industry-relevant questions from the KEEN platform

Challenge 1 by ABB AG

AI-based automation of industrial data pre-processing

Successful machine learning in an industrial environment requires cleaned and labeled datasets. In daily practice, this is simply not the case, i.e. most collected datasets are "dirty" and need to be pre-processed manually by experts. We are challenging you to develop an intelligent pipeline to automate the task of industrial data preprocessing.
Depending on the maturity of the submitted results, there will be the possibility to publish the solutions in a scientific publication and/or to further collaborate with ABB on the topic.


Challenge 2 by TU Dortmund – Laboratory of Equipment Design

Condition detection in an extraction column with liquid-liquid flow via an AI image recognition method

Depending on the submitted results, there is the possibility to publish the solutions in a scientific publication and/or to test their application.


Apply AI methods to relevant questions from the process industry and write your own code as a team. Data sets are provided. The task requires basic programming skills and enthusiasm for AI. Scientists and industry representatives from the KEEN platform will accompany the process as mentors. The task can be solved in one or two weekends depending on previous knowledge.         .           


  • Registration of teams and individuals until March 2021 (late-registration possible until May 4th 2021)
  • March 5th 2021: Kick-Off event
  • Mid-April 2021 Workshop to discuss the solutions that are under development
  • May 11th 2021: Submission of solutions
  • June 1st 2021: Announcement of finalists
  • June 15th/16th 2021: Pitch event at ACHEMA Pulse and Award Ceremony


The expert jury is formed by representatives of the KEEN platform and d-fine.

Challenge 1:

1st Prize: 1.500 Euro
2nd Prize: 750 Euro

In addition to the prizes sponsored by ABB, the winning teams will have the opportunity to further collaborate with ABB: Depending on the type of team (start-up, students, scientists), e.g. in the form of  business collaboration with ABB divisions or ABB’s start-up hub, joint scientific publication with ABB Research and/or visits to ABB sites.

Challenge 2:

1st Prize: 1500 Euro
2nd Prize: 750 Euro

Challenge 1 is kindly supported by ABB, Challenge 2 is kindly supported by d-fine

Register here


Dr. Simone Rogg
Phone: +49 69 7564 - 392
Email: simone.rogg[at]

Dr. Alexander Möller
Phone: +49 69 7564 - 676
Email: alexander.möller[at]