MAIN-Hack – the challenge on predictive maintenance in water management

Who should participate?

MAIN-Hack addresses students of sciences and technology, but also data scientists as well as process and chemical engineers who have started their professional career.

We are looking for interdisciplinary teams; if you are currently on your own, contact us – we will try to bring you together with other interested persons!

Topical focus

Predictive Maintenance for

  1. Monitoring of equipment for fluid handling
  2. Monitoring of optimal sewage sludge treatment by chemical dosage

The focus is on specific questions from (waste) water treatment, but also on the monitoring of plant components. For example, acoustic and optical sensors may be used to optimize process steps in (waste) water treatment and to detect system faults more quickly. Based on sensors or components already available on the market, a solution should be developed that ideally captures a problem and can be integrated into existing data networks of companies and sewage treatment plants. Many potential application sites are not easily accessible or do not currently have an interface to existing data networks - solutions must therefore also ensure data transfer.

Both concepts are solution-oriented tasks that originate from industry. The companies will accompany the process both as mentors and as jury members.


MAIN-Hack is primarily about your creativity and about linking existing or evolving technologies with each other and developing completely new approaches. No specific data sets will be provided.

Both concepts are solution-oriented tasks that originate from industry. The companies will accompany the process both as mentors and as jury members.

The event is supported by Technologieland Hessen.          


The competition involves four stages:

  • Registration of teams and individuals until March 2021
  • 09 March 2021: Kick-Off event
  • April 2021: Workshop to discuss the concepts and solutions that are under development
  • May 2021: Submission of concepts and solutions
  • 15-16 June 2021: Pitch event at the ACHEMA Pulse Center Stage and Award Ceremony

The MAIN-Hack will take place as a pure online event. In addition to the kick-off and the final event, DECHEMA will offer mentored status seminars in the weeks in between. These are intended to serve the project teams as a platform for exchange and to answer questions about technical backgrounds or general issues.


Industrial companies as well as Hessen Trade & Invest [Business Development Agency of Hesse] are represented on the expert jury.  



1st Prize: 1000 Euro

2nd Prize: 500 Euro

Participants in MAIN-Hack have the opportunity to build their professional network and gain visibility with their solutions and ideas. In addition to the prize money, the winners will get exciting insights into Evonik Operations GmbH and EnviroChemie GmbH.  

Evonik Operations GmbH operates, among other things, the water and waste water technical plants of various Evonik sites and also is also responsibe for their design. To gain an insight into this diverse and exciting field, we offer the winner a day alongside Evonik employees from various departments - from the laboratory, to the process engineering offices, to a tour of one of our wastewater treatment plants.

EnviroChemie GmbH is a leader in the treatment of water and wastewater in industry and commerce, providing sustainable solutions for tasks that arise in the treatment of water and the treatment of process water, recirculating water, cooling water, and wastewater. With around 250 plants delivered each year, EnviroChemie GmbH is the leader in decentralized industrial wastewater treatment in Germany and other European countries.

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