All you need for your participation as an exhibitor ....

(Technical) Services:

Accommodation, Carpeting, Catering, Cleaning, Communication Technology, Compressed Air, Container, Early Set-up, Electrical Installations, Exhibits, Exhibition Insurance, Exhibition Photographers, Floral Decorations, Furniture, Gases, Graphics, Hostesses, Interpreters, Lightning, Logistics, Media Technology, Modular Displays, Offices and Conference Rooms, Parking Space, Stand Assistants, Stand Construction, Stand Guards, Stand Parties, Suspensions, Waste Dispossal, Water Installations

Publications and Marketing:

Media Package, Advertisements, Advertising Material, Advertising Media, Banner and Mobile Advertising, Branches/Agencies, Brand Name Entry, Keyword Entry, Online Press Display, Press Display, Press Conferences, Product Information

Tickets and Passes:

Exhibitor Passes,  Day Tickets for Guests, Passes for Assembly and Dismantling, Photo Permit, Photographers, RMV-Tickets


... and more can be ordered by the exhibitors in the Exhibitor Portal.

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