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Hydrogen economy, fossil-free production, perspectives in laboratory and analytics, digitalization, novel bioprocesses and technologies – the challenges for the process industry are multi-layered when it comes to these core topics. That’s why thought leaders, users and technology providers will discuss where we are today and what the process industry can expect in the future in five highlight sessions.

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Theme Days:

Hydrogen Economy, 22 August 2022

Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in the transformation of the process industries, transportation sector and the energy system in general towards greenhouse gas neutrality. Hydrogen can be produced by a variety of different pathways; each assigned a different colour. The process industries are already the dominant users of hydrogen and will develop an enormous future utilization potential. ACHEMA provides a detailed focus on these development with a dedicated highlight-session in addition the congress programme.

Fossil Free Production, 23 August 2022

Fossil-free production is an important and ambitious goal for reducing the process industries' greenhouse gas emissions and a promising way to become independent of fossil feedstocks. Electrification, using alternative carbon sources such as CO2 or biogas, or creating a circular economy, remains a major challenge on the climate agenda of the process industries. While the idea of fossil-free production is simple, it holds many unanswered questions. Join ACHEMA 2022 and learn more!

Perspectives in Laboratory and Analytics, 24 August 2022

There is a long way from the newest scientific advances in preparative and analytical techniques towards market implementation. Data from all lines of research and production come together in the laboratory. Modular, automated and fully connected, the digital laboratory is a data mine for process development and quality assurance. Participate in the highlight session and congress to complement your visit in the ACHEMA exhibition.

Digitalization in Process Industry, 25 August 2022

"Data is the new oil" is an often-cited phrase. But how can we unleash this potential? And most importantly, how can we turn data into business models? Artificial Intelligence can utilise huge amounts of data. Augmented Reality connects data with the physical world of the production plant. Blockchain increases the efficiency of supply chains. With all these possibilities, Cyber Security must not be neglected. All these topics will be featured in talks, special session, and in the Digital Hub.

Novel Bioprocesses and Technologies, 26 August 2022

New biopharmaceuticals, bio-based fine chemicals or biotechnological recycling - all demand novel (production) processes. A thriving circular economy achieving the sustainable development goals is inconceivable without advanced technologies: Synthetic biology, automated laboratory technologies, integrated bioprocesses, innovative bioreactor concepts, novel downstream technologies, and advanced modelling, in particular, are driving the transition. ACHEMA 2022 will be the global showcase of this exciting development. Learn about new concepts and technologies, present your results and solutions, and discuss with your colleagues from across the globe.

Further topic addressed:


The PRAXISforums take place within close proximity to the exhibition groups. Short presentations cover current issues on production, best practices and ready-to-use technologies, always with an eye on application.


The congress sessions discuss application-oriented research and the development from proof-of-concept to the threshold of market entry. Current trends within process technology are highlighted as well.

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