ACHEMA Congress

From research to application

Researchers, developers and users meet at the ACHEMA congress to discuss new developments and solutions for current challenges in the process industries.


The PRAXISforums take place within close proximity to the exhibition groups. Short presentations cover current issues on production, best practices and ready-to-use technologies, always with an eye on application.

The fields of application are as global as the process industry:


The congress sessions discuss application-oriented research and the development from proof-of-concept to the threshold of market entry. Current trends within process technology are highlighted as well.

Topics addressed:

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Programme and media library

The Live programme of 15 and 16 June has been full of exciting topics and fruitful new insights. We thank all participants of the live sessions for their attendance and for their contributions to the discussion! 

The Live days are over but the platform is still open for you to watch the recordings and - most importantly - to continue being in touch with the community.

Positive summary of ACHEMA Pulse


  • Recruiting cells for chemical production: Novel biological production systems
  • Hydrogen as game changer within the process industries
  • Closing the loop with chemical recycling: Potentials and challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence: Data utilization for advanced processes and product development



The topics on the agenda were as global as the process industry itself. ACHEMA Pulse offers a hub for all those who want to participate in the discussion on the digital platform.


Sometimes it looks like almost every innovation is a digital one. It is not, but the shift to a truly digital process industry is inexorable. AI, VR, IoT, 5G– all these buzz words and abbreviations promise a better (technical) future, but some projects are stopped when it comes to security and investment costs. We bring the discussion back down to earth and will discuss how far we have come and where we go from here.

Fast-tracked vaccines

Faster, bigger, more global: Vaccine development and the establishment of large-scale vaccine production have shown what is possible when research, develop-ment and production are accelerated. Can experiences be transferred, and how does this change the industry? This will be discussed by developers, producers and suppliers of equipment and machinery deeply involved in these processes.

Modular production

Plant operators, module manufacturers, and automation engineers have been working for years to agree on standards, methods, models and procedures for modular production. They all agree that a modular plant is operated efficiently only if the modular units are intelligently interconnected, coordinated, controlled and regulated. We will show best practices and discuss the economic and tech future of modular and flexible production.


#NetZero and sustainable production will be some of the critical drivers for our industry in the near future. Which technologies and equipment do we need to enable carbon-neutral production? How can we foster investments into clean energy and green tech? Is Europe ready for the Green Deal? Can the process industry at all help to achieve the world's climate ambitions? Question after question discussed with thought leaders and visionaries.


Is hydrogen a gamechanger or just the next hype? Are we entering the hydrogen economy? How can the necessary electrolysis capacity be built up, and how does hydrogen interact with other technologies and other industries? The programme includes a look at the global hydrogen activities from the Americas to Asia and a discussion of the smallest molecule's real potential with leading executives.

Diversity and gender equality

A change is gradually taking place on the chemical and pharmaceutical industries' boards – women are taking over technical portfolios and board chairmanships. Current surveys show that this is by no means the end of the matter. How can diversity be firmly anchored in the business world, and how do companies benefit from it?


Congress sessions

Presentations within the ACHEMA Pulse congress covered current trends and research projects focussing on applied science and technology. Researchers and users discussed about what is needed, what is possible and what the next major improvements for the process industries will be. 

Congress topics

Topics cover the complete spectrum of challenges our industries are currently facing.


  • innovative process analytics

Bioreactors and operation

Circular economy

  • Water in circular economy

CO2 treatment


  • Cyber security
  • The digital lab and analytical techniques
  • Digitalization in maintenance
  • Digitizing water management in process industries
  • Industrial intelligence and future production

Extraction technologies

Facility design and risk management

Flow chemistry

Gases: treatment and separation

Heat: advances in industrial applications


Liquids and solids

  • treatment, mixing and separation
  • separation units 4.0


  • additive manufacturing: applications and functionality
  • corrosion and corrosion protection

Membranes and membrane processes

Modular production



  • International Powder and Nanotechnology Forum (IPNF 2021)
  • Risk governance

Particle measurement technology

Power-to-X technologies

Process analytical control solutions

Process modelling, extraction and formulation

Process intensification and downstream processing

Product and process security

Safety first!

Sustainable chemistry

  • International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3)


  • managing concentrates in industrial water reuse


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