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October 2020: Register for the Blockchain Autumn Special and read about the blockchain in the ACHEMA Magazine

September 2020: The ACHEMA congress, our new website and 100 Years Of ACHEMA

August 2020: The COVID-19 concept for ACHEMA21 is in place, join the CO2 World Tour and take part in our survey

July 2020: The Digital Hub, #ACHEMA21 and penetration testing

June 2020: The Digital Hub webinar, blockchain in the chemical industry and a portrait of ACHEMA's technical director

April 2020: The Digital Hub, Call for papers for the ACHEMA Congress and a new edition of ACHEMA Magazine

March 2020: 100 years of ACHEMA, the trade show calculator and the PRAXISforum Lab of the Future

February 2020: ACHEMA Start-Up Award, review-preview brochure and the Digital Lab