World Forum for the Process Industries


With manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries presenting their products for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech research and manufacturing as well as energy and environmental services ACHEMA is the driving force and groundbreaker for the international process industries and their suppliers.

Five good reasons to join ACHEMA

1. Industry Summit and Trendsetter

ACHEMA has been side-by-side with the process industry and the changes it has undergone for over 100 years. It is an important driving force for innovation and brings together decision-makers, experts and solution providers in a unique marketplace that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

2. The One-Stop-Show

ACHEMA is the world’s leading show for all areas of the process industry and provides an impressively varied array of technology and service offerings. Visitors spend on average two days to get a complete, cross-industry tech update and preview the next innovation cycle.

3. Melting Pot of Process Industry

At ACHEMA you take full advantage of unrivaled networking opportunities enabling you to make connections across continents and different branches of industry. Joining this outstanding event you experience first-hand the true meaning behind "Inspiring Sustainable Connections".

4. Exclusive Network

For 52 % of visitors, ACHEMA is the only trade show they will attend. This exclusive target group can only be reached here. A well-coordinated team at your booth will enable you to engage with the specialist audience and ensure that a valuable exchange takes place. In addition, ACHEMA is also the perfect environment to recruit new members of staff effectively.

5. See - Touch - Trust

Exhibitors will do everything they can to create a unique brand and technology experience at ACHEMA. They want to thrill visitors with their ideas and production in a way that nobody else in the industry does.


Modern, well connected and centrally located

Exhibition halls


ACHEMA showcases the full potential and capability of the process industry and is the place to be to highlight new opportunities and mobilise synergy effects.
Exhibition groups

Trends in our industries

ACHEMA Innovation Themes

The ACHEMA Innovation Themes take you on a deep-dive into key areas driving innovation in process industries. Each innovation theme highlights current developments and solutions in the respective fields: #process innovation, #pharma innovation, #green innovation, #lab innovation, #digital innovation, #hydrogen innovation

Innovation themes in detail

ACHEMA - Industry Platform and Innovation Hub

Solutions for today’s and future challenges

Process technology

Chemical engineering has been at the very heart of ACHEMA ever since and still is. Today it means much more than simply choosing the right plant components and their technical design. The increasing integration of biochemical processes, flexibility in the selection and supply of raw materials, the persistant need for improved energy efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions and – last but not least – the continued process automation require an integrated approach.

ACHEMA brings together solution providers, users and interested clients within the core disciplines of the process industry.

Modular, automated and fully connected

Laboratory today and tomorrow

Data from all lines of research and production come together in the laboratory. Modularly designed and fully connected, the digital lab is a data mine for process design and quality control. Laboratories in industry and research are increasingly becoming automated. Robots that relieve staff from mundane and repetitive tasks such as serial pipetting are state-of-the-art. Yet, smart digital workflows in a fully connected lab are still a long way off most of the time. At ACHEMA you can experience what is already possible today in the smart laboratory (of tomorrow)!


Sciences and applications for our life

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharma, biotech and life sciences in general are the fastest growing application areas within the process industry and a core element of the ACHEMA community. Characterised by a high rate of innovation and a very specific, highly regulated environment, a dedicated look at current developments is particularly rewarding here, specifically from the industry, for the industry.

On the way to a fossile-free production

Transformation of our industries

Sustainable production and a circular economy are paramount objectives addressed along with the challenges we face on the way to carbon-neutral value chains. The “Green Innovation” idea brings together stakeholders, opinion leaders, experts and interested parties from all over the world.

Connecting disciplines

Digital Hub

The process industries are even more going digital – and they need specialized partners to get the best out of digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence. With an integrated exhibition group and event concept, developed in league with key players from the digital sphere, the digital transformation is at the heart of ACHEMA.

Digital security is becoming an increasingly important issue for many companies in times of industry 4.0, networked production and in view of the high threat level posed by cyberattacks. The relevance of this topic and further aspects have already been tangible in products and services ACHEMA 2022 and 2024.