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#process innovation

Future-prove your plant

Process technology is at a cross-roads: as new investments in "green technology" are scaling up at unseen speed, requirements for keeping the installed asset-base online and competitive are more dynamic than ever.
Discover the latest developments in process engineering, analytics and equipment that help you meet the mark!

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#pharma innovation

Best of pharma technology

Pharma has never been more exciting! As new research and production methods are pioneered and new sites are built-up and across the world, existing processes need to meet ever higher requirements and benchmarks.
Get the world´s most comprehensive pharma technology update to keep up the pace!

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#green innovation

Reshaping the industry

Fossil-free, bio-based and circular-green innovation is reshaping industries around the world. The time is now to shift focus from lab-scale, start-ups and policy-desk to industrial scale-up and reconfiguring value creation for sustainable ecosystems.
Team-up and gear-up for the decade of delivery in the global process industries!

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#lab innovation

The origin of value

The lab is birthplace of innovations that change the world and the traditional guardian of product quality. More than ever, success in the lab is defined by the technologies implemented in the lab and at the interfaces to engineering, production and quality.
Get inspired by the latest advances shaping the future of labs in process industries!

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#digital innovation

Transforming the process industry

Implementing digital innovations like advanced analytics or Industry 4.0 technologies becomes increasingly essential to stay ahead of the curve. IT vs. OT, connectivity vs. security or smart vs. smart enough -the challenge for owner-operators is to find just the right setup for their business.
Get ready and find the short-cuts for your digital transformation journey!

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#hydrogen innovation

Special Show Hydrogen

Hyperscaling hydrogen production and infrastructure is one of the key enablers for a clean energy transition. Global projects are emerging so it is high-time to smart-up, gear-up and team-up at the world forum and leading show for process industries.
The hydrogen special show at ACHEMA 2024 highlighted the current status and future perspectives.

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