Transforming process industry

#digital innovation

Implementing digital innovations such as advanced analytics or Industry 4.0 technologies becomes increasingly essential to stay ahead of the curve. IT vs. OT, connectivity vs. security or smart vs. smart enough - the challenge for owner-operators is to find just the right setup for their business.

#digital innovation at ACHEMA 2024

Hot topics in process industries

The Siemens Digital Innovation Stage will zoom in on the current hot topics transforming process industry like:

  • Data analytics meets AI and quantum computing
  • Ends smart plant processes: integrating digital tools in business, engineering and operations
  • Modular and connected production: how to plan, build and run the plant of the future
  • Autonomous systems in site and plant operations

Key notes, expert discussions and case-study presentations from both process industry users and solution providers will take the stage for five days capture the attention of the ACHEMA community.

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ACHEMA congress topics

#digital innovation

#digital:AI and data analytics

The prediction of properties of substances and mixtures, the development of new materials from scratch, the enhancement of process safety and stability by machine view or the organization of big data are only a few examples how applying artificial intelligence software may help in science and process industry.

Lectures covering AI and data analytics

#digital: Autonomous systems

What sets an autonomous system apart is not its AI-driven potential to make smart decisions, but its viability. The ability to interact with others. This requires interfaces, sensors, and networks to communicate with machines, humans, and the environment. This may also include self-maintenance and self-repair. What if such systems were able to pay and shop on their own? Join us to discuss the advances and risks associated with a machine economy.

Lectures covering autonomous systems

#digital: Modular production

Increasingly shorter product life cycles, high product diversity and fast changing demand require a high flexibility of production plants. This session will highlight novel, modular plant concepts, supported by new digitalization and automation approaches. These concepts enable rapid and intelligent adaption to new conditions, including changed production volumes, variable feedstocks, or flexible changes of products.

Lectures covering modular production

#digital: Process industry transformation

Data is key for production and business. Similar to the flow of materials, data streams are weaving through the industry 4.0. The industrial transformation is connecting assets, facilities, and sites as well as building digital twins. From edge to cloud, data and information must be protected and secured. This opens new opportunities for a data economy with distributed ledger technologies. We invite everyone to examine the available concepts, frameworks, and technologies.

Lectures covering the process industry transformation

The full scope of technology

Digital innovations across all disciplines will be on display at ACHEMA, especially in exhibition groups like

But also many equipment manufacturers in Mechanical and Thermal Processes or of Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Fittings will showcase smart use-cases and share best-practices at their booths.