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Pharma has never been more exciting! As innovative research and production methods are pioneered and new products and sites are launched across the world, existing processes must meet increasingly stringent requirements and standards.

#pharma innovation at ACHEMA 2024

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At ACHEMA you can get the world´s most comprehensive pharma technology update to keep up the pace in this dynamic industry.

Among many other #pharma innovation topics, the Zeta Pharma Innovation Stage will shine a spotlight on:

  • Trends in biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Equipment and processes for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)
  • Sustainability in pharma production and packaging
  • Next-level pharma: On the road to 5.0?

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ACHEMA congress topics

#pharma innovation

#pharma: ATMP equipment and processes

The diverse group of so-called Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) includes gene and cell therapies as well as tissue-engineered products. ATMPs impose the highest demands for technical equipment and require new approaches in process engineering and logistics.

Lectures covering ATMP equipment and processes

#pharma: Biopharma production

The (bio)pharmaceutical industry has very specific requirements relating to process and product quality. This starts with the equipment and materials for the manufacturing of chemical and biological therapeutics as well as vaccines and extends to innovative production concepts and processes, packaging and labelling.

Lectures covering biopharma production

#pharma: Supply chain and logistics

Continuously increasing demands on the quality, availability, safety and sustainability of pharmaceutical products require intelligent systems and solutions, including supply chains and logistics. The recent global crises highlighted the great need for innovations for shock-resistant, resilient pharma supply chains.

Lectures covering pharma supply chain and logistics

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The exhibition group Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Storage Techniques is packed with exciting exhibits and showcases: Machinery for the production, manufacture and packaging of drugs as well as apparatus and machinery for dosing, moulding, filling, sealing, packing, labelling and inspection can be found here right next to packaging materials and transportation and storage techniques.

However, #pharma innovation does not stop there as other exhibition groups are also geared towards pharmaceutical applications: