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Award winning Wilk-Graphite supplies silicon carbide and graphite heat exchangers, SIC compensators and pipe systems, innovative sulphuric acid concentration and HCL synthesis processes, contireactors and disc reactors, SIC tubes and blocks, splash protection systems.

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Silicon carbide (SIC) - the game changer against Tantalum, Titanium or Alloy materials

Wilk-Graphite uses only SSiC. It’s free of free ions which leads to almost universal chemical resistance for

- SIC block heat exchangers: outperform with their superior performance and durability.
- SIC expansion joints – ACHEMA novelty – as well as the
- SIC piping system – ACHEMA novelty – replace the disadvantages of PTFE and ensure extremely long service lives.
- The ExtrAcidTM system concentrates sulfuric acid from any concentration up to 98 % with capital and operating costs cut in half.


Wilk-Graphite GmbH
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