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Changes, chances, challenges

No ACHEMA is like the one before. This holds true even more for ACHEMA 2021 – our 100th anniversary event. At DECHEMA, we believe in keeping tradition and innovation in balance, so a history of one hundred years means a lot to us.

More importantly, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of process technology: to keep pushing our discipline ahead in order to cope with future challenges and to identify industry trends before they become mainstream. This is something ACHEMA has delivered since the very beginning – and the 33rd edition will be no exception.

Of course, you may also expect a fresh dose of “ACHEMA spirit” – the feeling that a whole industry is vibrant and alive, when fresh ideas emerge thanks to bringing together experts and decision makers from all over the world and from the most diverse fields of our industry. When you simply can feel the heartbeat of our industry. 

Nowhere is the heartbeat of the process industry faster, more intense, more up-to­date, more innovative and more international than here: ACHEMA is the trend­setting event for all sectors of our industry. It is the showcase of current technological developments and a technology platform with a worldwide impact.

But this spirit does not just happen automatically – it needs to be created, such as by mounting a promotional campaign overseas and in Europe that reaches all markets of relevance for the process industry, or by choosing focal topics that reflect the core interests of our audience. Three hot trends are our choice for 2021 – each of them a topic with the potential to revolutionise our professional environment:

Modular and connected production

This is a continuation of our well-received previous topic "flexible production" and will be relaunched with a broader angle and additional impetus.

Digital Lab

We will address the disruptive effects of digitalisation for the laboratory sector.

Product and process security

Topics such as Industry 4.0, blockchain, AI and cybersecurity call for innovative solutions.

In addition to these focal topics, ACHEMA 2021 will once again showcase the complete spectrum of process engineering. Our main strength and what makes us unique is unleashing synergies created through comprehensive technological diversity. The focal topics are the icing on the cake that process technology suppliers are ready to present to you.

In terms of the venue, ACHEMA 2021 will be better than before: the Frankfurt fair­grounds are currently undergoing a major upgrade. This upgrade is highly welcome although Hall 5 will be rebuilt over the next two years in the same design and may be unavailable.

The good news is that the newly built and ultra modern hall 12 will be there, closing the Via Mobile walkway on the southwestern part of the fairgrounds by connecting Halls 11 and 4. For the upcoming ACHEMA, Hall 12 will accommodate those parts of the mechanical processes’ group that used to be allocated to Hall 5, probably plus some additional exhibitors willing to change locations.

Due to the positive response to Hall 1.1 from last time, we will open this hall right from the start of the booth allocation process for one of our growth drivers, the pharma and packaging group. And we will take the Forum out of the game as it will not be needed under these circumstances. Basically, these are the changes in the hall layout for 2021 – what else is new?

Well – our digital journey has only just begun!

So far we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible in digitalising the trade fair business. Face-to-face meetings amidst technology you can touch will remain THE asset of trade shows. Contact between people is irreplacable, but there is a huge potential to be unleashed when 150,000 people with a sizeable overlap in their professional interests gather in one place. As show organisers, we aim to release this potential and trigger the match-making process between attendees and exhibitors. Digitalising the trade fair business also means new ways to commu­nicate with our target groups. This means smartly managing the customer journey for both exhibitors and attendees as well as a closer integration of our service providers into show logistics.

Stay tuned – we are working hard to make ACHEMA 2021 a true stand-out event.


Thomas Scheuring



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