Forgot your myACHEMA password?

The following step-by-step procedure shall help you to create a new password for your myACHEMA account.

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1. Use the 'Forgot your password' function

Click the link Forgot your password?

2. Request verification code

Please enter your email address and click Send verification code. You will receive an email to the email address you provided.

3. Receive e-mail with a verification code

Remember or copy the verification code shown in the email sent to you.

4. Enter verification code

Enter or copy the verification code into the designated field and activate Verify code.

After successful verification of the e-mail address press Continue to assign your personal password in the next step.

If - for any reason - the code should not be accepted (e.g. code expired) you can request a new code with the function Send new code.

5. Assign new password

Enter and confirm your individual password and proceed with Continue.

6. Login to your myACHEMA account

Enter your e-mail address and the newly assigned password and press Sign in. You are now logged in to your personal myACHEMA account and can take advantage of all related services.