The origin of value

#lab innovation

The lab is birthplace of innovations that change the world and the traditional guardian of product quality. More than ever, success in the lab is defined by the technologies implemented in the lab and at the interfaces to engineering, production and quality.

#lab innovation at ACHEMA 2024

Live Stage

The #lab innovation stage zoomed in on the current hot topics in process and life science industry labs:

  • The age of discoveries: Advanced bioanalytics and pharmaceutical applications
  • Connect and collaborate: Linking the lab with production and quality
  • Operational and reliable: Sustainable lab facilities and operations
  • Future lab: Digitalised, minituarised, automated

Action Area Digital Lab

Hall 12.0, Stand A33

Data from all lines of research and production come together in the laboratory. Modularly designed and fully connected, the digital lab is a data mine for process design and quality control. In various cases, the partners of the action area demonstrated their cross-manufacturer solutions for the networked and digitalised laboratory with the help of innovative products and software.

Gold Partner

ACHEMA congress topics

#lab innovation

#lab: Digitalised, minituarised, automated

The digital lab has revolutionized laboratory work with miniaturized, modular, and automated technology. By miniaturizing equipment and processes, labs can operate with smaller samples and lower costs. Modular technology allows for customizable setups, with interchangeable parts that can be swapped out as needed. Automation reduces errors, increases efficiency, and frees up time for lab personnel to focus on more complex tasks. The result is a highly efficient lab that can rapidly produce high-quality results. These advances in technology also allow for remote access and control of lab equipment, enabling greater collaboration and flexibility. The digital lab opens up new perspectives and has transformed the way we approach research and development.

Lectures covering the digitalised, minituarised and automated lab

#lab: Imaging and sensing

Without eyes, it is impossible to see. Without high-performance sensors, spectrometers, microscopes, and other measuring technologies, it is impossible for the process industry to analyse, optimise and improve itself as well as its product quality. This topic is dedicated to the latest developments of imaging and sensing techniques, as well as analytical methods, that enable effective and cost-efficient applications.

Lectures covering imaging and sensing

#lab: Linking with production and quality

Linking the lab with production and quality is essential for ensuring that products meet quality standards and are safe for consumption. Collaboration between laboratory personnel and production teams is necessary to identify and address any issues that may arise during production. By sharing data and insights, the lab can provide critical information to production teams to help them make informed decisions about process adjustments and ensure quality control. Effective communication and collaboration between the lab and production can ultimately lead to better products, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.

Lectures covering the linking of the lab with production and quality