14 - 18 June 2021, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The ACHEMA Digital Hub

The Digital Hub will create a hotspot for digital players at the heart of ACHEMA

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Digitalization has established itself as one of the top items on the process industry agenda and has become an ever-stronger topic in the ACHEMA community - high time to close the ranks with the digital ecosystem at ACHEMA 2021!

Digitalization and the ensuing digital transformation has staked its claim way beyond the traditional realms of IT departments and arrived at the core of the ACHEMA community. Expectations to leverage efficiencies and create new opportunities keep rising in sync with the breadth and speed of technologies becoming available to the industry.

Many exhibitors have begun to partner with the digital ecosystem and digital players, on the other hand, sport some impressive industry-specific use cases by now. The Digital Hub will be the central gathering place for digital experts and enthusiasts at ACHEMA 2021. It will be the platform for exhibitors from the digital ecosystem showcasing highly relevant technologies and use cases that do not fit into the ACHEMA exhibition group categories.

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The Digital Hub goes far beyond a regular exhibition

The Digital Hub concept was developed in close cooperation with leading protagonists from the digital ecosystem. It will serve as an exhibition and meeting space as well as a learning and networking hub. A central stage and smaller break-out areas will provide the latest expert insights and allow for fruitful discussions with leaders and experts alike. As a hub, it will also provide comprehensive linkages to other digital showcases across ACHEMA.

Access Points for hot topics

Access Points will provide deep dives into specific areas of digitalization. Experts and enthusiasts alike will find an overview over current trends, expert talks and presentations, guided tours and cross-linkages to relevant use-cases all across ACHEMA. Four Access Points will cover these hot topics:

  • Research & Innovation
  • Engineering & Operations
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security

We are currently crafting the agenda and recruiting exhibitors. Care to join?

Online Registration for Exhibitors

Digital Hub Infopack Presentation

Location at ACHEMA 2021

Hall 12

The digital hub will be located in the newly erected hall 12.

Looking forward to hearing from you:
Andreas Konert
Head of BD and Sales
Phone: +49 69-7564-159