Social Media Graphics

Social media images and email signatures

Visual content is more likely to be shared than text alone. Use these graphics on your social media channels or in your email signature to let everyone know that you are participating in #ACHEMA22 and promote your participation.

The graphics are also ideally suited for inviting visitors and distributing your voucher code for free ACHEMA day tickets. You can find your personal voucher code on the Exhibitor Portal (→ Marketing → Voucher Code for Day Tickets for Guests).

This is where you can also receive a link tailored to your company, which you can use in your social media postings. Your advantage: with this link, a pop-up window with the voucher code appears, which makes it easier to handle, especially on mobile devices, so that you obtain more voucher conversions and don't have to provide as much support.

Social media graphics:

LinkedIn: 1200x627px
Instagram: 1080x1080px
Instagram-Story: 1080x1920px
Facebook: 1200x630px
Twitter: 1200x675px

Email signatures: 600x109px

Available in magenta, cyan or black with space for your company logo or hall/stand number.



Laura Eberhard

Social Media