10 - 14 June 2024
Frankfurt / Main, Germany

Get ready for ACHEMA

Tips for a successful ACHEMA participation

Are you exhibiting at ACHEMA for the first time? Is it perhaps even your first ever presence at a trade show?

We would like to offer you step-by-step assistance to help you prepare for a successful ACHEMA.

Defining trade show targets

The first important step in ensuring that your presence at ACHEMA is a success is to define your targets for the trade show.

All further planning of your exhibition appearance depends on this.

Common trade show targets include:

  • Contact targets: Looking after existing / regular customers, acquisition of new customers
  • Information targets: Competition monitoring, benchmarking, acquisition of new cooperation partners
  • Communication targets: Raising awareness for your brand, improving your image, better understanding of customer behavior
  • Sales targets: Signing of contracts, establishing new distribution channels, opening up new markets
  • Product targets: Presenting new product innovations, widening the product range


  • When defining your targets for the trade show, start from your company's existing objectives and marketing targets.
  • Make sure that all areas of your company that will be directly involved in the exhibition appearance are involved in the planning – the earlier, the better!
  • Develop your trade show targets together and communicate them to all internal and external players – ideally in the form of written documentation.
  • Set realistic targets that can be readily measured and define how they are to be met.

Budget calculation

Realistic cost calculations form the necessary solid financial basis for your involvement in the trade show.

Gain an initial overview of the costs with the aid of our ACHEMA Calculator  and identify the potential benefits of your trade show participation and the associated costs in five simple steps.

The ACHEMA Calculator identifies the potential benefits in five simple steps and also give you an overview of the main cost items of your participation:

  • Exhibition fee and operating costs (electricity, water, waste disposal, transport etc.)
  • Construction of the stand / equipment
  • Stand-services and communications
  • Personnel and travel
  • Other costs


  • Plan your budget early on.
  • Make sure you take all items into account.
  • Base your calculations on actual facts and figures, not rough estimates.
  • Regularly coordinate with all parties involved to make sure you remain within your budget.
  • Check the calculations again afterwards to verify whether you really did stick to the budget.

Different pricing levels for exhibition fee designed to meet every budget:

The key factors in determining the cost are the location and properties of the stand that is ultimately assigned. Ancillary costs and construction of the stand are not included in the exhibition fee. The minimum size for a stand is 12 m².

All prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.
Stand type Price
Aisle stands
for all stands along the hall walls and for aisle stands (one open side only) along the outer gangways of the halls.
371.00 €/m2
Central aisle stands
+ 20% surcharge for all other aisle stands (only 1 side open) in halls
445.20 €/m2
Block stands / corner stands
+ 40% surcharge for all stands with at least 2 sides open,not located along hall walls
519.40 €/m2
Areas on the upper floor
For exhibition stands with a two-storey stand building, in addition to the exhibition fee for the basic floor space including the applicable surcharge (plus all additional costs: see technical guidelines)
147.00 €/m2
Outdoor area
For all stands in the outdoor area
147.00 €/m2
Special rate
For start-ups (maximum of six years old) or academic research institutions
235.00 €/m2
Co-exhibitor fee
Fee for additional companies represented at stands
1,060.00 €


Further information on ACHEMA 2024 including details of the exhibition fee can be found in the application documents. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us directly with any questions:



Seize the chance to become an exhibitor at ACHEMA 2024!

Especially now it is important to further strengthen your market position! The world's leading trade show ACHEMA as the leading trade platform with investment-strong decision makers brings you together with end users, experts and interested parties from all around the world and all sectors  of the modern process industry.


  • Apply as early as possible to secure yourself a spot to present your company, products and services in the best possible light!
  • Before you apply, please ask yourself the following questions:
  • Which of the 12 exhibition groups are the best fit for your products or services?
  • Do you want your stand to be close to your direct competitors?
  • Which exhibits do you want to put on show? How big and how heavy are they? How big does the stand need to be?
  • Have you provided information in as much detail as possible about your stand preferences and wishes on the application form?
Stand size in m2 Visitor flat rate charge in €
Co-exhibitor   90.00
12 220.00
up to 20 360.00
up to 30 520.00
up to 50 780.00
up to 70 1,080.00
up to 100 1,520.00
up to 150 2,070.00
up to 200 2,830.00
up to 500 4,570.00
up to 500 6,990.00

Don’t miss out on becoming an exhibitor at ACHEMA 2024:

  • Apply online. As a first-time exhibitor, this will ensure that you leave nothing to chance. Of course, if you prefer you can also fill in the application form and send it to us by e-mail to rental[at]dechema.de, by post to DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH, PO Box 17 01 25, 60075 Frankfurt, Germany, or by fax to +49 69 7564 - 298.
  • With the application, exhibitors agree to pay the exhibition fee in three instalments. The first instalment is due immediately after application. This amount is
  • € 92,00 / m² for hall space requested
  • € 37,00 / m² for outdoor space requested
  • € 59,00 / m² for space requested for the special rate
  • After stand allocation the remaining balance will be payable in two further instalments. This balance results from the sum of the actually rented area, including the relevant surcharge, less the first instalment.
  • The second instalment constitutes 65% of the balance. Every exhibitor has access to as many day tickets for guests as required; a mandatory flat-rate charge is payable for this based on the size of the stand.
  • The third instalment constitutes 35% of the balance. It is charged along with the media package flat-rate of  € 495.00 for main exhibitors or € 320.00 for every co-exhibitor.

Further information on ACHEMA 2024 including pricing details can be found in the application documents.

Do you have any questions on applying for a stand and the subsequent stand allocation process?

Tel. +49 69 7564-700
E-Mail: rental[at]dechema.de

Stand planning

Your stand at the trade show is a representation of your company. Ideally, it will reflect your defined trade show targets and attract plenty of visitors.

What makes a good stand concept?

  • Every stand - whether big or small - is divided into three functional areas, and these define the overall size of the stand:
  • The presentation area - make sure you plan enough space for your exhibits and presentation media.
  • Meeting and discussion areas - trade shows are the ideal place for one-to-one meetings and personal discussions. This makes it important to create areas that provide a pleasant atmosphere for relaxed conversations.
  • Storage space - plan space for storage of brochures, promotional gifts, for a wardrobe and the catering.
  • Make sure you keep presentation areas and communication areas clearly apart from each other.
  • Your information desk should be the first point of contact with your stand and therefore the first thing a visitor sees, so take care not to over-clutter your stand.
  • Depending on the boundaries with neighboring stands and openings to the corridors / passages, different types of stand are possible: aisle stand, corner stand, peninsula stand, island stand or outdoor stand.


We would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have relating to stand construction and technical equipment.

Tel. +49 69 7564-701
E-Mail: technicalservices[at]dechema.de

Firming up the planning for your trade show stand:

Finally, with the aid of your trade show targets, list of exhibits, space requirements and budget you can finalize the planning for your stand. This will require you to take the following decisions:

  • Rent, lease or purchase a stand
  • Stand design - open, part-open
  • Build it yourself or outsource the work

We assist you to find the right stand for ACHEMA 2024:

  • The overall concept for the exhibition grounds is designed by DECHEMA.
  • Responsibility for designing individual exhibition objects lies with the exhibitors. Design, layout and construction are subject to the technical guidelines, applicable laws, safety regulations and official regulatory requirements.
  • Our exhibitor portal contains various stand construction options - from all-inclusive packages to bespoke variants.

Advertising, PR & publicity work

Advertising, PR & publicity work are important aspects of your trade show involvement.

After all, the success of your appearance at the show depends crucially on the visitors who come to your stand - and they do not normally come of their own accord.

Communication and advertising options:

  • Integrate highly recognizable information about your trade show appearance in your existing communications, e. g. in your e-mail signature or on your website.
  • Use cross-media advertising, including adverts in trade journals and daily papers, or outdoor advertising directly on the exhibition grounds, online via your social media channels or via specially designed landing pages.
  • Take advantage of the organizer’s communication channels, including a catalogue entry or banner ads on the homepage, as these are important information media for visitors.
  • PR work with the press is an effective and inexpensive way to make the public aware of your trade show presence. The integrity and professionalism of editorial reporting is a real advantage for you, as it offers a different impact to paid-for advertising.

Important things to take into account for PR work:

  • Your press releases should contain a factual presentation of new features and innovations and must be careful to avoid exaggerated sales talk or superlatives.
  • Prepare a press kit (an electronic press kit) that you can lay out at the stand and in the press center and can subsequently be sent to editorial offices that did not visit the stand.
  • Invite media representatives to speak with you at the stand so that you can demonstrate your innovations live to them and present new features in an interview.

Take benefit from the wide range of advertising opportunities at ACHEMA:

The media package entitles every exhibitor to an informative entry in the ACHEMA publications. This includes:

  • Company name, contact data and a brief profile of your company (200 characters each in German / English) in the catalogue, in ACHEMA online and in the ACHEMA app
  • Your company logo in the catalogue and in ACHEMA online
  • Two detailed product information entries in ACHEMA online (500 text characters each in English with 1 illustration each)
  • Provision of a hyperlink to your company's homepage
  • Listing of up to 5 product / topic categories from the keywords index in ACHEMA online, the ACHEMA app and the visitor information system on the exhibition grounds to be found more readily on-site and online in the exhibitor and product search.
  • Listing under one exhibition group in ACHEMA online and in the ACHEMA app

Online advertising opportunities:

A company logo and detailed product presentations can be purchased for the ACHEMA app.

  • Banners of different sizes can be placed on the ACHEMA website against surcharge.

Further advertising and PR information:

  • Information about attractive advertising opportunities on the exhibition grounds - from transparency posters to illuminated advertising columns and all the way to billboard size posters - can be found in the ACHEMA exhibitor portal.
  • Programmes and posters for ACHEMA 2024 can be requested as long as stocks last and used to address and attract visitors. Additional advertising materials can be ordered via the ACHEMA exhibitor portal.
  • We will also set up an online press display for you, which will allow you to publish new developments and company news on staggered release dates.

Inviting visitors

Set yourself apart from the competition by sending out personally addressed invitations to the trade show early.

This is the most effective way to reach out to visitors.


  • Use targeted invitations to arrange binding appointments for meetings at the event – over 80 % of trade show visitors plan their visit beforehand and make sure all their important meetings are arranged in advance.
  • As well as existing customers and partners, you should also invite people who are interested in your company, i. e. potential new customers.
  • To achieve better long-term effects, we suggest following a multi-stage approach to your invitation campaign. Use different media for this:
  1. Send out a “save the date” e-mail
  2. Send out a written invitation specific to the target group in the form of a letter (by e-mail or post)
  3. Personal reminder phone call just before the start of the trade show
  • Make sure that the timing of your invitation campaign is right. Visitors from abroad in particular will need a lead time of at least 12 weeks to plan their visit.
  • Create special incentives to attract visitors to your stand and get people interested in the innovations you will be presenting at the show. Visitors particularly like (electronic) entry vouchers. These are included in unlimited quantities in the visitor flat-rate.

Stand personnel & running the stand

Friendly and competent stand staff will boost your chances of successful discussion outcomes and new contacts.

Which is why comprehensive trade show training for your stand team is essential.

Depending on the size of your company, the stand team should include:

  • Senior representatives of the company (board members, CEO)
  • Stand management (responsible for stand operations)
  • Technical staff (consultation, demonstrations)
  • Commercial staff (sales, terms and conditions of delivery)
  • Country experts (export discussions)
  • Information staff (stand information)
  • Press officers
  • Interpreters
  • Service personnel (office, hospitality, cleaning etc.)

The following areas should be covered in the trade show training:

  • What will be exhibited in terms of your own product and services portfolio?
  • Prices and terms & conditions
  • Which of your competitors will be represented at the trade show?
  • Which particular target group have you chosen to invite?
  • What is the composition of the visitor structure at the trade show?
  • Key customers and interested parties
  • How are you going to record conversations and meetings at the trade show in writing and digitally?
  • Rules and regulations for the stand, duty roster
  • Importance of the trade show for the industry
  • Trade show location and details of the exhibition grounds

Successful discussions and meetings (especially with customers) are at the heart of every trade show participation.

The following points must be taken into account here:

  • Important: meetings and conversations at trade shows are a dialog. Use the interaction to explore the requirements and needs of the person you are talking to. Don’t just settle for answering questions – carefully choose questions of your own to ask as well.
  • It is important to have defined a standard process for recording details of contacts using standardized meeting forms and to have communicated this to all employees. This will make it easy to swiftly follow-up and evaluate the contacts made.
  • Contact data should be recorded immediately and digitally, directly at the stand.
  • A dedicated lead tracking service will be available at ACHEMA 2024, comprising both a cloud based software platform and optional hardware for scanning, surveying and keeping track of your business contacts.


  • Make sure that responsibilities on the stand are clearly assigned.
  • For exhibitors, stand personnel and visitors as well it is important to take care of all the travel planning details nice and early, including visas, travel, accommodation and parking reservations. You are welcome to contact Tourismus+Congress GmbH from Frankfurt for assistance with hotel bookings.
  • Every exhibitor will receive, free of charge, two exhibitor passes for the first 10 m², one further pass for every increment of 10 m² above this and one additional one for any further increment of less than 10 m². Example: 31 m² = 5 exhibitor passes. Additional exhibitor passes need to be purchased.
  • You can personalize your exhibitor passes in the exhibitor portal and print them out yourself. The exhibitor passes provide access to the exhibition grounds during the set-up and dismantling days and for the duration of the event itself (access is granted one hour before the doors open to the general public). They are non-transferable and include free use of local public transport (RMV network).


Reap the rewards of your efforts at your trade show presence with a good follow-up.

This can offer a major competitive advantage.

Appropriate follow-up activities for the relevant target groups:

Customers and interested parties who did visit your stand:

  • Write to thank them for their visit
  • Send out any promised documents and offers
  • Address in detail any key topics mentioned in the minutes of the discussions
  • Make further appointments for meetings, by telephone if necessary
  • Allocate the task of following up and intensifying contacts to corresponding employees or to your sales force.

Customers and interested parties who did not visit your stand:

  • Information about your exhibition program, new products, new features and further developments
  • Then make contact by telephone or in writing

Journalists who did visit your stand:

  • Send a message to thank them for their visit
  • Send out a final trade show report or press release for new products and new features presented (Include a photo for trade press)
  • Send out any agreed specialist articles

Journalists who did not visit your stand:

  • Send out the entire press kit, including the final trade show report


  • A quick response and the ability to address specific concerns of the visitors will mark you out as a company with good follow-up procedures.
  • Always make sure you stick to any promises made (e. g. to send out information materials or offers) – visitors will expect this of you.
  • Profit from the experiences of everyone involved in the trade show and get their direct feedback with the aid of online questionnaires and feedback meetings immediately after the trade show, so that the events are fresh in memory and impressions, suggestions, praise and criticism are not lost.

All important availabilities or deadlines for ACHEMA 2024 will be available in a dedicated schedule / checklist.