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Application always on the mind

The ACHEMA 2022 congress

Why go to a conference session when the exhibition is enticing you with all its sensual attractions? Because the ACHEMA congress is, where innovation is born.

Where do all the innovative technologies, the gleaming stainless steel devices and the new processes the exhibitors are providing equipment for originate from? From science and applied research! This is why the congress is and always has been an integral part of ACHEMA - as the cradle of innovation.

Just as exhibitors and buyers from all over the world meet in the exhibition halls, researchers, developers and users get together in the congress to discuss what’s needed, what’s possible and what will be the next big thing in the process industries. Application is always on the mind of speakers and audience - no wonder with the thriving exhibition next door. The close interlinking guarantees the practical relevance of the presentations that also pick up on everyday challenges encountered in industry, providing new solutions from the lab.

Gamechanging Trends

Based on the unique expertise and network of DECHEMA, the ACHEMA congress covers topics that are highly relevant to researchers and industry alike. Trends that have the potential to change the whole industry such as

  • the boost of integrating renewable energy in chemical processes
  • the strive for a circular economy
  • the ongoing digitalisation in research and production
  • the integration of lab and production by integrated process design

and many more are covered in highlight sessions, presentations and discussions. The overarching trends account for the breadth of the programme. But they are also broken down to explore in depth their impact on different disciplines and to discuss what different fields of research can contribute.

To enable a lively discussion and promote the forging of new contacts, the congress will consist of formats with different degrees of interactivity, from the classical Q&A to sessions where members of the audience are encouraged to get actively involved. True to the spirit of ACHEMA, scientists, renowned researchers and industry experts will be invited to take the stage as well as students, founders and innovative thinkers.

Highlight sessions: industry visionaries on stage:

Each day, a Highlight session will be dedicated to topics that move and shake the industry. What do visionaries expect, and what is the answer of industrial players? Join the discussion on

  • Hydrogen as gamechanger within the process industries
  • Recruiting cells for chemical production: Novel biological production systems
  • Closing the loop with chemical recycling: Potentials and challenges
  • Artificial Intelligence – Data utilization for advanced processes and product development

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Kathrin Rübberdt



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