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... the ACHEMA Congress and its Highlight Sessions

How do the game changers in the process industries affect your business? Discover answers at the ACHEMA Congress.

What are true game changers for the process industries? It’s certainly hard to judge in advance. Many trends are not only caused by technological developments, but also by factors such as economic conditions – oil prices, shifts in global economic power, a virus that freezes whole economies – or cultural changes – the consumer’s craving for SUVs or “fast fashion”. But there are some scientific and technological developments that have the potential to significantly change the way the process industry works.

The ACHEMA Congress sets the spot-light on four of these trends in its Highlight Sessions. This brand-new format is designed to not only provide participants with food for thought, but encourage discussions even more than “conventional” presentations:

Outstanding international speakers  and seasoned practitioners present their opposing poles of visions. The potential, but also the barriers and downsides, of novel technologies are exposed and  stimulate discussion between speakers and the audience. The highly interactive and compact format ensures that a multitude of aspects can be discussed. Every ACHEMA participant should mark these sessions in their calendar!

Megatrend: Biologisation

Highlight session
Recruiting cells for chemical  production: Novel biological  production systems

Companies like Genomatica are revolutionizing the way chemicals are produced. Supported by advanced analytics and high-throughput research and development processes, they are true biological mega-factories, creating a steady stream of novel biological production systems. With an increasing knowledge about the workings of metabolism and enzymes, there seems to be no limit to what can achieved – or is there?

Megatrend: Circularity

Highlight session
Closing the loop with chemical recycling: Potentials and challenges

Running around in circles may not be the best way to move forward, but it is highly desirable when dealing with plastics, i.e. carbon-based polymers. Closing the loop solves two problems at once: The dependency on fossil resources is reduced, and plastic waste no longer litters the environment, but is treated as a valuable raw material. So far, however, plastics recycling has been limited by purity and quality specifications that in turn have required sophisticated collection and sorting systems. Chemical recycling seems to offer a way out, especially for plastics that cannot be directly recycled due to their purity: instead of burning the plastics and thus using the energy they contain, the material is broken down radically into its most basic components, monomers, or even further into synthesisgas. These can again be the building blocks for new high-quality products. Is this the “missing link” to close the cycle?

Megatrend: Renewable Energy

Highlight session
Hydrogen as a game changer within process industries

Gold rush, oil rush, hydrogen rush? After the enthusiasm of the the ’80s, the hydrogen buzz seemed to have died down – only to experience a stunning revival in recent years. With the increasing supply of renewable energy and the urgent need to bring down CO2 emissions, hydrogen presents itself as the natural link for sector coupling and the ideal reagent for chemical production. In principle, we are set for a green and clean future – if we solve a couple of challenges such as the scale-up of electrolysers or the logistics needed for a “hydrogen economy”.

Megatrend: Digitalisation

Highlight session
Artificial intelligence – Data  utilization for advanced processes and product  development

There is no shortage of data in the process industries, but how can this treasure grove be exploited? Artificial intelligence is able to process tremendous amounts of data and draw conclusions much faster than any engineer could do. Recognising patterns, drawing deductions, making predictions – can AI replace the human brain? Or is  intelligence more than a machine can ever learn?

Beyond lectures: ACHEMA activities

ACHEMA innovation challenge
Digitisation offers new perspectives and approaches to mastering the challenges in process engineering. Experience at ACHEMA how ideas  become innovations. In an innovative competition, we want to find solutions for current and future  problems. Be inspired by creative and new solutions for the process industry that emerge from the  field of digitisation.

Battle of the best
What are the best concepts and  solutions for specific industry challenges? In this new competition, solution providers have the opportunity to pitch their best solutions and products for a selected challenge. Be part of the jury at ACHEMA  and vote live to decide who will be awarded in this competition.


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