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Modular, automated and fully connected  – find out how the future of the laboratory is already taking shape today.

Daily use case presentations:

10:30 h in German | 14:00 h in English

Monday, 10 June 2024
10:30 h: Smart Bee Lab

14:00 h: Automated Sample & Solvent Management
Tuesday, 11 June 2024
10:30 h: Trendsetting Safety

14:00 h: Precision at its Peak
Wednesday, 12 June 2024
10:30 h: Cobot - AI Sample Sorting

14:00 h: Smart Bee Lab
Thursday, 13 June 2024
10:30 h: Automated Sample & Solvent Management

14:00 h: Cobot - AI Sample Sorting
Friday, 14 June 2024
10:30 h: Precision at its Peak

14:00 h: Trendsetting Safety

Experience lab 4.0

Get inspired on how efficiently and sustainably the laboratory of the future can be designed. Together with renowned partners, we present five classic laboratory processes in an optimized, digitalized fashion for maximum effectivity. Connected and automated processes in the lab do not aim to replace laboratory technicians; rather, they assist in simplifying daily tasks, making them safer, and increasing capacity and efficiency.

Look forward to collaborations and connections between software and hardware solutions, supported by cobot applications and process automation. Immerse yourself in a real-time inventory system managed by a single central remote control – the Laboratory Execution System (LES).

Learn how sustainable laboratory work can be achieved also in the area of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and how it can be connected to automated solvent management.

Alongside daily laboratory processes, we address secure sample extraction and its necessary disposal. In one of the dedicated processes, we demonstrate how these steps can be risk-free, sterile, and flexible.

Effectivity and innovation in the field of food analysis are also presented in the Digital Lab Action Area. Explore the possibilities and technologies for barrier-free, precise, and seamlessly documented food analyses, making your work reliable and traceable at all times.

Use Case

Automated Sample & Solvent Management


The social responsibility of increasing sustainability is already having an impact on laboratory work today. In addition to ecological harmlessness, this also includes economical working, the greatest possible occupational safety and optimum comfort criteria.

In this use case DÜPERTHAL, KNAUER and SmartLab Solutions jointly developed a sustainable process for preparative HPLC:

KNAUER, a leading manufacturer of liquid chromatography, is renowned for its innovative solutions. PurityChrom, the HPLC control software, offers two new features: i) barcode scanning of vials directly in the rack for automatic sequence insertion, and ii) integrated solvent level monitoring to alert users before chemicals deplete. Integration with DÜPERTHAL connect, the real-time chemical inventory system, directs users to the storage location of their needed chemicals without the hassle of searching through cabinets for the right quality.

At the HPLC's backend, Knauer's process control and DÜPERTHAL's service station interact. When the waste container nears capacity, chromatography pauses until exchange confirmation, ensuring safety and continuity. Enhanced ventilation and grounding in storage cabinets optimize waste collection.

This HPLC station is integrated into the flexible iHEX laboratory concept by SmartLab Solutions. The autonomous robot KEVIN from the United Robotics Group also supports logistics of samples and solvents. Thus, sustainable HPLC processes are linked with the laboratory of the future.

Use Case

Cobot AI Sample Sorting


Vision AI guided cobot to automate your sample preparation in a flexible lab infrastructure

Cost effective sample sorting was a big challenge in the past. Thanks to robot-based automation laboratories benefit from the efficiency and precision of robot-based automation of repetitive processes as well as the simple programming and flexible use of robots and cobots.

In the use case Cobot AI, ABB’s 6-axis GoFa™ collaborative robot is utilized. GoFa is designed to handle payloads of up to 5kg within a range of 0.95m. The demonstrated process involves sample sorting and preparation: A batch of unsorted samples is filled into a centrifuge and then structured into a rack.

What may seem trivial for humans, demands high-tech solutions: Object recognition is achieved using a 2+ dimensional camera. The location, orientation, and height for each sample tube is identified precisely. The robot uses a vacuum gripper to pick a sample and deliver it into a top-loading centrifuge, which can automatically access each individual position. After centrifugation, the samples are sorted into a rack to be further processed.

This process takes place on the flexible iHEX System by SmartLab Solutions. The modular elements allow for quick repurposing of the laboratory infrastructure. This means elements can be rearranged to accommodate new processes – including robotics.

Use Case

Precision at its Peak


Robotic Sample Prep Meets Advanced Temperature Monitoring

Experience the multifunctional remote control for your laboratory: process automation assisted with a robot arm and digitalization of solution preparation using IoT sensors & actuators and the real-time inventory system managed by one central remote control – the Laboratory Execution System (LES).

Expect these solutions:

  • Sens-o-Spheres by amensio: smart, small and mobile liquid temperature sensors with wireless technology.
  • MixDrive15 by 2mag: industrial magnetic stirrers dedicated for thick vessel bottoms or double-jacketed vessels. They support large mixing quantity.
  • GoFa robot by ABB: General-purpose robotic arm known for its high performance and precision. It's the best fit for customized solutions.
  • Düperthal Connect by DÜPERTHAL: Connected lab fridge with real-time inventory management system for lab safety.
  • COOL standard XLby DÜPERTHAL: The COOL line combines a cooling device incl. ex-proof interior space with a maximum fire resistance type 90 acc. DIN EN 14470-1.
  • Spot & Spider by essentim: Wireless system to monitor biotechnological processes. Several parameters can be monitored - Temperature, pH, (etc.).
  • LABITUDE by SmartLab Solutions: the Laboratory Execution System (LES) ensures the integration of multiples devices and workflow control.
  • iHEX System by SmartLab Solutions: Modular bench-system for flexible laboratory infrastructure.
  • KEVIN Robot by United Robotics Group: KEVIN is a mobile lab robot, connecting instruments & workflows autonomously – usable with any common process management software.

Use Case

Smart Bee Lab


Precise food analyses with complete data integration!

Tired of monotonous, error-prone workflows in the lab? Our “Smart Bee Lab” workflow offers the solution! Experience a seamless integration of laboratory technology and software that revolutionizes everyday laboratory work. Workflow-based, you can analyze biological and chemical samples in parallel and without barriers.

Our workflow seamlessly combines the precision of a UV photometers and the advanced sensor technology of the mobile, autonomous Sens-o-Spheres microsensors from amensio. iLIMS from INTEGRIS LIMS takes over the consistent and efficient data aggregation and maintains control via the LES iCONTROL and manages the communication via actuators such as the magnetic stirrers from 2mag.

With “Smart Bee Lab” food sample analysis becomes a smooth, efficient process where precision and documentation go hand in hand. Increase your lab efficiency with the innovative combination of amensio, INTEGRIS LIMS and 2mag—for results you can trust!

Use Case

Trendsetting Safety


The laboratory process begins with sampling, ensuring end-to-end safety. Samples undergo sterile analysis, maintaining integrity and accuracy. Contaminated waste is safely disposed of with Berner's SealSafe®, which seals toxic waste directly.

Sterile sample analysis takes place in the claire® neo safety cabinet from Berner. This innovative safety cabinet is designed to adapt the needs of future labs. With the grid dimensions for optimum laboratory planning and the modular work surface that includes integrated functions, the new generation of safety cabinets offers maximum flexibility.

SmartLab Solutions further enhances the workflow by integrating a pH measurement station, complete with an integrated 2mag stirrer, into the Berner safety cabinet claire® neo. Guiding the process is the Laboratory Execution System LABITUDE, which oversees operations and provides a detailed data history. LABITUDE's extensive interfaces make communication with devices and the lab environment seamless.

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