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#hydrogen innovation

Hyperscaling hydrogen production and infrastructure is one of the key enablers for a clean energy transition. Key notes, expert discussions and case-study presentations from process industry, solution providers and policymakers allowed insights into current developments and trends during ACHEMA 2024.

What it's all about

The Siemens Hydrogen Innovation Stage covered all aspects relevant to the process industry community and beyond:

  • Hyperscaling production and infrastructure
  • Innovations for handling, transport and storage of hydrogen
  • Power-to-X, industrial applications and sector coupling
  • Designing the hydrogen ecosystem

ACHEMA congress topics

#hydrogen innovation

#hydrogen: Production and Hyperscaling

Hydrogen is expected to play a crucial role in the transition towards global climate neutrality. Options for the production of low-carbon hydrogen are plenty and reach far beyond electrolysis. The choice of the technology pathway for hydrogen generation might vary widely between different world regions or countries. This topic technology development, industrial case studies as well as country specific perspectives, e.g. regarding trade agreements or transport infrastructure.

Lectures covering production and hyperscaling of hydrogen

#hydrogen: PtX processes and applications

As the world strives towards a sustainable future, the chemical industry must lead the way in transitioning to renewable energy and raw materials. Power-to-X (PtX) technologies offer a promising solution, but there are still many challenges that need to be overcome. How can we scale up PtX approaches and integrate them into existing production processes? What industrial applications of PtX should be implemented with priority? What are the most promising progresses in technology or research and development? What is their impact on the industry and the transition of the energy system?

Lectures covering PtX processes and applications

#hydrogen: Transport and storage

Hydrogen demand is expected to rise exponentially in order to transform the process industries towards greenhouse gas neutrality. Ensuring security of supply will be crucial. A wide range of possible transport options for hydrogen are discussed, including, but not limited to gaseous or liquid pipeline transport, as well as molecular carriers like LOHC, ammonia, methanol. This topic will cover all aspect of hydrogen handling, transport and storage from technological perspectives, industrial case studies, conceptual work and system analysis.

Lectures covering transport and storage of hydrogen

#hydrogen: Water-for-X

Power-to-X (PtX) processes for green hydrogen, methanol, ammonia or e-fuels offer promising routes towards net-zero carbon economy. Given that water of highest purity is essential, a sustainable and holistic water management is key for the successful implementation. The Water-for-X concept covers the whole field of integrating solutions from (alternative) water resources such as desalination to management of re-valorization routes as well as wastewater treatment and reuse. It covers the full water – H2/PtX ecosystem.

Lectures covering Water-for-X

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