Biosimo: Green Chemistry of the Future

Biosimo AG stands as a beacon of innovation in the chemical industry, blending cutting-edge heterogeneous catalytic processes with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. Their mission is clear and ambitious: to revolutionize the industry by transitioning from fossil-based to renewable chemicals, ensuring that both the environment and businesses benefit. They aim to lead by example, demonstrating that ecological responsibility and economic viability can go hand in hand.

In response to the chemical industry's increasing demand for sustainable, reliable, and economically viable alternatives, Biosimo AG leverages abundant renewable resources to produce bulk chemicals. Their processes are distinguished by high yield and energy efficiency, which not only promise environmental friendliness but also offer cost-competitive solutions. By starting with bio-acetic acid and acetyls, Biosimo AG is forging a path towards an efficient industry transformation.

Biosimo AG has set its sights on disrupting the acetic acid market, which has been dominated by methanol carbonylation for decades. Their innovative catalytic oxidation technology introduces a sustainable and cost-effective alternative, challenging the status quo. Aiming for a production capacity of 2.3 million metric tons by 2035, Biosimo AG is strategically positioning itself as a frontrunner in the sustainable chemical market, outpacing both traditional and emerging bio-based production methods.

The leadership of Biosimo AG, under Dr. Sotiria Mostrou and Dr. Maximilian Moser, combines scientific excellence with an entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Mostrou, with her expertise in heterogeneous catalysis and business acumen, alongside Dr. Moser's experience in catalysis, strategic development, and technological advancement, are steering Biosimo AG towards achieving its mission of sustainable chemical solutions.

As Biosimo AG showcases its advancements and breakthroughs at the leading show for the process industries, it extends an invitation to peers, industry experts, and stakeholders to join in this pioneering journey. The message is clear: together, they can redefine the boundaries of the chemical industry, paving the way for a sustainable future. Biosimo AG is not just about making a difference; it's about setting a new standard for the industry.

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