ACHEMA Start-Up Award

Creating the future of chemistry, process engineering and biotechnology



to the team of


who secured the trophy and the prize money of 15,000 Euro!

The decision was very hard with a field of ten outstanding finalists. A lot of valuable contacts made their time at ACHEMA worthwile even if they were "only" runners-up. We wish all of you the very best and hope to hear more from you over the years to come!

Congratulations to the finalists!

In the light of an excellent line-up of candidates, the decision-making was not easy for the jury of the ACHEMA Start-up Award 2024. After thorough evaluation and intense discussions, ten finalists have been chosen - congratulations to

Biosimo AG

Biosimo AG wants to drive the transformation of the chemical industry towards greater sustainability with basic chemicals made from renewable raw materials.

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ChemInnovation has developed the AI model METIS. It enables the automated structural elucidation of unknown molecules based on mass spectra.

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co2ol catalyst

co2ol catalyst uses a robust catalyst to produce methanol from CO2- even from sources that could previously only be used with additional purification stages.

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eco:fibr has developed an extraction process with which pulp for the paper and cardboard industry can be obtained from pineapple plant residues.

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Graph-Co offers the digitization and migration of technical flow charts for the process industry under the brand name Graph-ID.

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Inline Process Solutions GmbH

Inline Process Solutions GmbH analyzes particle flows in plants inline with the help of image-optical AI-based sensor technology.

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LABMaiTE GmbH fully automatically optimizes the culture media for fermentative bioprocesses and thus accelerates their development.

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Nanolope offers versatile heat storage solutions based on a phase change material.

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PHABIOC develops innovative tools, microplates and analyzers for small-scale screening and with a high throughput rate in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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re.solution recycles textiles containing polyester using a chemical process with renewable energy and low water and chemical consumption.

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