ACHEMA Start-Up Award

Creating the future of chemistry, process engineering and biotechnology

The Winners

Semodia, Pipe Predict and Lumatix Biotech - these are the winners of the ACHEMA 2022 Start-up Award. They convinced with their solutions for "Plug and Produce" in modular plants, predictive maintenance in pipelines and for the insulation of antibodies.

Our congratulations!


Lumatix Biotech is working to increase the availability and affordability of antibodies by developing an effective isolation method based on a light-driven affinity matrix. It is designed to replace the traditional enrichment method using protein A chromatography.

PipePredict provides a predictive maintenance tool to reduce energy and media losses in pipe networks (water, district heating, chemical). For this purpose, existing sensor data is evaluated with a digital twin and machine learning algorithms, thereby preventing pipe bursts.

Semodia offers software solutions for the modular process industry that transfer the principle of Plug&Play of the printer driver in IT to Plug&Produce medium Module Type Package to the modular process industry.


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