PHABIOC GmbH: Small scale, high-throughput – novel screening solutions for the lab

PHABIOC develops innovative tools, microplates, and analyzers for small-scale and high-throughput screening in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Their products provide advanced analytical capabilities, simplifying complex laboratory challenges for their customers.

As drug development grows more intricate, scientists and engineers face increased complexity. Specificity, efficiency, and structural analysis are crucial for process development and regulatory approval. Time constraints and societal pressure to minimize animal testing add to the challenges.

PHABIOC strives to address these issues and has developed two product brands: "PermeaPad" and "SpecPlate".

PermeaPad is a patented technology of artificial membranes that aims to simulate as many barriers of the human body as possible to predict the uptake of drugs in the laboratory without animal or cell experiments.

SpecPlate, on the other hand, is a special UV plate that measures concentrations of drugs (e.g., biopharmaceuticals) in an automated high-throughput setting more reliably and quickly than the current gold standard. This platform offers customers an improved ability to efficiently analyze drug concentrations and make decisions based on precise data.

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