ChemInnovation: AI-based determination of molecular structures

Whether in base and specialty chemistry or the aroma industry - many companies are confronted with the same question on a daily basis: "Which molecules are in my sample?" The underlying question of structure elucidation of (unknown) substances spans across nearly all areas of chemistry. In most cases, this process is still not a sure-fire success and is neither quick nor easy.

To meet this challenge, ChemInnovation is developing intelligent software for the automatic identification of all substances directly from the corresponding sample data. At the heart of the technology is "METIS" - an AI model that has been specially developed for mass spectra. It is able to derive the structure of an (unknown) compound structure directly from its GC mass spectrum with the highest accuracy and in almost all applications.

METIS is embedded in autonomous software that handles all steps from the raw data up to the final molecular structures, holistically and in seconds. As a result, ChemInnovation accelerates the process of data interpretation by a factor of 2 to 8 and enables users to gain greater knowledge from their analytical data.

In contrast to other analytical software, the user interface is so easy to use that it requires no lengthy and expensive training. As a result, ChemInnovation accelerates processes from day one.

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