LABMaiTE GmbH: Fully automated development of nutrient medium for bioprocesses

Launched in 2021, the Freiburg-based biotech startup LABMaiTE GmbH is dedicated to standardizing the integration of machine learning into fully automated laboratory solutions. This aims to harness the potential of artificial intelligence for biological challenges in the future.

A specific focus is on optimizing fermentative bioprocesses essential for producing antibiotics, enzymes, and other biogenic value products. Selecting a suitable microorganism and subsequent optimization of the culture conditions for the respective strain are crucial to achieving high yields. Accordingly, the economic efficiency of the overall process also depends on the development of the nutrient medium. Therefore, developing a nutrient-appropriate fermentation medium is considered a central but labor-intensive part of bioprocess development.

The fully automated microbioreactor system AMLAMaiTE, developed by LABMaiTE, can independently produce nutrient media from a range of presented stock solutions and iteratively test their suitability without the need for human intervention (e.g., for nutrient medium production, inoculation, or sterilization/cleaning of the culture vessel).

In addition to the high degree of automation, the overall system is also characterized by using an innovative, iterative machine learning approach for nutrient medium development. The machine learning algorithm has shown advantages in yield for the tested bacterial cultures compared to conventional Design of Experiments methods for nutrient medium development. Therefore, customers in industrial biotechnology benefit in two ways: firstly, the need for highly qualified specialists for experiment planning, execution, and analysis is minimized. Secondly, the profitability of their biomanufacturing process is further improved by the increase in yield.

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