Inline Process Solutions: Turn process data to value!

The chemical industry in Europe is undergoing a profound transformation: the demand for innovative technologies is increasing in order to counter external stressors such as rising energy prices, stricter guidelines and a general demand for greater sustainability. At the same time, future-oriented decarbonization technologies such as green hydrogen production and battery technologies can only be realized if more powerful sensor technology is used. IPS's vision is to support this change and contribute to the data-driven and intelligent production of tomorrow! The mission: Turn process data to value!

Although existing chemical plants are robust and safe, they are not efficient enough due to a lack of sensor technologies and higher-level data analysis. Only a few meaningful parameters are available in real time from inside the equipment. As a result, the full potential of the plants is rarely exploited.This makes production more expensive and less sustainable.

Inline Process Solutions - IPS for short - aims to solve this problem with the optical image-based and AI-driven sensor technology ARIMOS. ARIMOS provides a very detailed insight into the plant's particle flows and allows production processes to be optimized for maximum efficiency. For example, the crystal growth of lactose or the entrainment of droplets in exhaust gas purification can be tracked as if under a microscope, with the difference that the image is captured inside the equipment and in high temporal resolution. ARIMOS thus enables plant operators to reduce the number of undesirable operating faults as well as the amount of raw materials and energy consumption. This results in a considerable increase in revenue and profit.

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