Graph-Co: Bringing the flowchart into the digital world

In many companies, piping and instrumentation (P&I) flow diagrams have so far only been available as pdf files. Transferring them into digital formats requires a great deal of manual effort and intensive post-processing. Graph-Co wants to change that.

Under the brand name Graph-ID, Graph-Co offers the digitization and migration of technical flow diagrams for the process industry. This involves the conversion of simple, non-intelligent P&ID diagrams (DWG, DGN, PID, PDF) into graph-based, intelligent P&ID models for use in ALM/CAE systems such as Siemens COMOS©.

By converting individual P&IDs into digital objects and graph-based models, Graph-ID supports the development of company-wide engineering standards, the creation of detailed plant information and enables improved collaboration between all disciplines in a process plant. This is highly automated, complete, accurate and easily scalable.

Graph-Co thus helps the process industry to meet regulatory requirements and increase efficiency by supporting company-wide standards for documentation and processes easily and cost-effectively.

The harsh reality often shows that there are non-interactive documents in different databases and that P&ID drawing conventions are interpreted individually. Graph-Co helps to change this.

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