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ACHEMA Innovation Challenge

The hackathon that zooms in on the digitalisation of the process industry

Congratulations to the winners:

Who is developing new approaches for the digitalization of the process industry? At the ACHEMA Innovation Challenge, the teams "Otto Normal" (Maximilian Kleine, Henrik Rosenberg), "Data Barber" (Iwan Kornijez, Tim Sandermann, Samuel Kieling), "MT DeepWater" (Karolina Weber, Marcus Linden, Oliver Balster, Philipp Wittenhorst, Hermann Wilde, Aike Sass) and "Banius - Intelligent Process Optimization" (Eske Hilbrands, Alexander Kerkenhoff, Robin Schröder, Hakan Bayer) have convinced with their five-minute pitches and were chosen as winners by the participants of the ACHEMA-Pulse through a live vote.

The ACHEMA Innovation Challenge

The ACHEMA Innovation Challenge was open to science and technology students, but also to industry representatives from SMEs as well as young professionals in large companies alike; the focus is on solution-oriented teamwork.

The ACHEMA Innovation Challenge offered two topical pathways:

To implement AI solutions in the process industry as part of the KEEN platform, ABB AG challenged participants to develop an intelligent pipeline that pre-processes, cleans and collect data sets - and does so automatically.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the process industry: industry-oriented challenges from the KEEN platform

The KEEN platform is currently investigating the implementation of AI methods in the process industry. AI has the potential to meet specific challenges of plant design and process control. It can collect large volumes of data, process and analyse it and for example efficiently make good predictions about complex processes.

Further information on the KEEN Hackathon

Concepts for predictive maintenance in water management

The bigger the industrial site or production plant, the more effort has to be put into the monitoring of processes, plants and equipment. Predictive maintenance is becoming ever more important and goes hand in hand with digitalisation. Two topical complexes should be analysed more closely in the course of this pathway of the ACHEMA Innovation Challenge:

  • Monitoring of equipment for fluid handling
  • Monitoring of optimal sewage sludge treatment by chemical dosage

More information on the MAIN-Hack-Hackathon

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